Celtic Spotlight

Celtic Spotlight: Kindred

Husband-wife duo Dave and Felicia Meyer are better known as Kindred. Describing their sound as “Eclectic folk with a Celtic flair,” Kindred’s music is a haunting blend of Irish-Celtic melodies along the lines of Enya or Moya (formerly spelled Maire) Brennan. Their first CD Celtic Flair is a collection of original songs, fiddle tunes, and classic Celtic standards. Blending an evocative mix of voice, cello, guitars, and percussion, Kindred draws their music from the Irish poets, pubs, and county fairs;…

Celtic Spotlight: Moya Brennan

Moya Brennan has been at the heart of some wonderful records. She’s enjoyed many years as the voice of Clannad, one of Ireland’s most respected acts. Her music has graced international film soundtracks, spiritual recordings, several television series and even dance anthems. Moya added her voice to the last summer’s blockbuster, King Arthur a new take on the King Arthur story which is set in Britain around the fall of the Roman Empire. Moya was approached by top film composer,…

Celtic Spotlight: The Ric Blair Band

The Ric Blair Band is a Christian, celtic, folk rock group on Scottish Castle Records, which is distributed by Wesscott and Provident. On tour in the UK and across the United States, the Ric Blair Band has been impacting audiences with the message of freedom in Christ.” The Ric Blair Band’s unique musical style has been described as “the acoustic Beatles meets Braveheart meets Jesus.” Half of the Ric Blair Band is from Ireland with Patrick Darcy from Dublin on…

Moya Brennan Releases New CD

World-renowned singer-songwriter, Moya Brennan returns from a five year absence with a long-awaited ethereal new CD, Two Horizons. Best known as the voice of Clannad – and one of Ireland’s most respected artists – Brennan is poised to win over new and old fans with Two Horizons, one of her most personal and expressive recordings to date. Considered one of the most unique and influential voices in world music, Moya Brennan’s songs have been heard on countless television shows and…

Riverdance 2001– The Show

Riverdance – The Show may possibly be this reviewer’s worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong; even after nearly seven years, Riverdance is still one of the most amazing and entertaining productions I have ever had the good fortune to witness. The problem is, it’s so darn good that words would only detract from it. Okay, go ahead and snicker behind your hand. I know you are thinking about every Riverdance parody you have ever seen on SNL or Third Rock….

Ceili Rain

Ceili Rain (Cross Driven Records) 40 Shades of Green Sept. 17, 2002 Kathy Mattea affectionately describes Ceili Rain as “a seven-headed musical joy-monster.” With electrifying performances on bagpipes, tin whistle, violin, button accordion, guitar and drums, the Celtic rock band¹s unique blend of sounds reaches out and pulls the listener into their “heavenly party,” as Ceili Rain lead singer/songwriter, Bob Halligan, Jr. refers to the band’s show. Ceili (KAY-lee) Rain began in 1995 as Halligan, who boasts tracks on albums…


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