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Riverdance 2001– The Show

Riverdance – The Show may possibly be this reviewer’s worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong; even after nearly seven years, Riverdance is still one of the most amazing and entertaining productions I have ever had the good fortune to witness. The problem is, it’s so darn good that words would only detract from it. Okay, go ahead and snicker behind your hand. I know you are thinking about every Riverdance parody you have ever seen on SNL or Third Rock….

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Ceili Rain

Ceili Rain (Cross Driven Records) 40 Shades of Green Sept. 17, 2002 Kathy Mattea affectionately describes Ceili Rain as “a seven-headed musical joy-monster.” With electrifying performances on bagpipes, tin whistle, violin, button accordion, guitar and drums, the Celtic rock band¹s unique blend of sounds reaches out and pulls the listener into their “heavenly party,” as Ceili Rain lead singer/songwriter, Bob Halligan, Jr. refers to the band’s show. Ceili (KAY-lee) Rain began in 1995 as Halligan, who boasts tracks on albums…

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