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Shamrock: Three Poems for Saint Patrick’s Day

In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, whose day we celebrate every March, here is my shamrock of three poems written for Saint Patrick’s Day. Ireland Acrostic I reland always beckoning: R ainbows and pots of gold; E merald Isle ever glistening in Celtic tales of old; L eprechauns, lurking, listening; A ncient Druids by Saints redeemed. N omad offspring seek those green shores, D rawn to Eire like ancient reckoning. St. Patrick the ShepherdA Poem for…

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Living Victoriously

I’ve always wanted my life to count, without my having to do anything terribly difficult, of course. But, the more I learn about the lives of men and women whose words and actions have a positive and profound effect upon others, I see that they learned life’s most essential truths while struggling to survive the hardships they faced. In the preface of her book, He Sets the Captive Free, Corrie ten Boom says: “I learned a great deal in prison,…

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Who Was St. Patrick?

St. Patrick was not born in Ireland but was a British Celt. According to some sources St. Patrick was born in Wales or North Britain between 370 – 385 AD. Other scholars believe he was born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387. Still others place his birthplace in France. Tradition has it that he died at Saul in Downpatrick, Ireland, between 463AB and 493AD on March 17. While there is no documentation for his birth or…

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Who Was Saint Patrick? St. Patrick’s Day History Lesson

Many people think St. Patrick’s Day is just a silly holiday where people drink beer and wear green, with slogans like, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” But did you know St. Patrick was a wonderful role model and leader of the early church? St. Patrick was not born in Ireland but was a British Celt. According to some sources St. Patrick was born in Wales or North Britain between 370 – 385 AD. Other scholars believe he was born at Kilpatrick,…

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St. Patrick’s Day Poem

Marauding raiders from Ireland captured Patrick in Britain at age sixteen at his parents’ estate, up ’til that time in Patrick’s life, things were just great. He was taken to Ireland and sold to the highest bidder into slavery; a boy on his own was left in the wilderness to tend sheep, with nothing more than his bravery. Patrick survived for six years tending the sheep, continually praying and developing his relationship with God, and even praying in his sleep….

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Christian Celtic Links

Artists: Dave BainbridgeRic Blair BandMoya BrennanCeili RainEden’s BridgeGetty MusicIonaJeff JohnsonSheila Walsh Articles: Three Projects from Iona Members 2008 Wild Goose Award Winners Announced 2007 Celtic Spotlight: Jeff Johnson 2007 Celtic Spotlight: Keith & Kristyn Getty 2007 Celtic Spotlight: Carol Arblaster 2007 Celtic Spotlight: Ceili Rain Moya Brennan – An Irish Christmas New Video from Ceili Rain! Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning Play Robin Sheila Walsh – Celtic Worship Ceili Rain Prepares for 5th Album Eden’s Bridge Releases New Celtic Worship…

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Celtic Christian Music Group on Yahoo

If you are looking for an active board to discuss Celtic Christian Music, Christian Activities sponsors one at: Celtic Christian Music Group. Members discuss their favorite Celtic Christian artists, CD’s, and songs, as well as other topics of interest. If you enjoy Celtic Christian Music and would like to make some like-minded friends, come join us at: Celtic Christian Music Group. Find Celtic music and jewelry at Tolkien Town Christian Activities Celtic Spotlight Swag out with Christian Activities Merchandise! Visit…

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Blair Band in Nashville for St. Patrick’s Day

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> The Blair Band will be performing in Nashville for St. Patrick’s Day when the Celtic Christian band brings their uilleann pipes, whistle, Irish fiddle, guitar vocals, Bodhran, etc. to Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley tonight. The Ric Blair Band is a Christian, celtic, folk rock group described as “the acoustic Beatles meets Braveheart meets Jesus.” Ric’s interest in celtic music originates from his Irish/Scottish ancestory. His mother comes from an Irish family which settled in Kentucky in the…

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