Celtic Spotlight on Charlie Landsborough – What Color is the Wind?

My sister in law went to Ireland on a trip, and brought back a tape, done by a guy named Charlie Landsborough. According to the artist info, Charlie has written alot of songs, most of which have be done by “country music” artists, but some of his songs were done by some really big artists. He sang this album by himself.
After listening to this album, I re-did one of the songs and sang it during our Sunday service at church. I commented at the time, that “these” folks tend to take God into their daily lives and make him part of their lives. (Landsborough is Welsh!) Little did I know that, a few years later, I would be part of Celtic Christianity, and would understand that this was normal for “their” lives. I often contemplate this thought and laugh about it.
I love Landsborough’s music, and to look at him, you’d say noooooooo, this is one rough looking dude, long hair, long straggly beard, more at home on a motorcycle than with a guitar……..but to listen to his (not only) songs, but voice…….wow! His albums will not be found at the local record store, they can only be “imported” or bought through the internet, (yeah, he’s there) but they’re a bit pricey ($20).

The album I have is “What Color is the Wind,” a song about a child (I am assuming) who can’t see, and tries to feel the colors. I copied this tape onto tape, and it really didn’t sound too great, but now that I’ve had a chance to re-record it and put it on CD, it sounds like one I’ll want to hang onto permanently. Well worth taking a look at!
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