Celebration Series – Change The World




Tom and Bonnie Deuschle have spent 25 years in Africa and now serve as
pastors for the 12,000 member Celebration Church in Zimbabwe.
They have put out nine CDs along with 2 DVDs as part of the Celebration
music series.
On Change The World you’ll find a whopping 73 minutes worth of praise and
worship music. The music is rich and full with choirs and a brass section
in addition to the usual instruments like guitar, organ and piano.
The songs range in style from church hymns to rocking tracks complete
with grooving electric guitar. With that wide range of musical styles
this release should appeal to people of all ages.
Change The World is filled with songs that talk about the need to keep
our eyes on the Lord and be willing to do our part to change the world
for the better. Maybe you can’t go to Africa like Tom and Bonnie Deuschle
have to minister but you can minister to those around you that are in
This is a nice uplifting release filled with tight music that the whole
family can gain from listening to.
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