CBS Turns ‘Joy to the World’ Into a Song About Fornication



“CBS Television has crossed the line in a big way,” said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI). “In an affront to all of Christendom, the network allowed actor Charlie Sheen to change the lyrics of ‘Joy to the World’ into a song that could be called ‘Joy to Fornication.'”
On December 11, 2006, the CBS program “Two and a Half Men” opened with Sheen lighting candles and singing a song to the tune of “Joy to the World”:
Joy to the world
I’m getting laid
I’m getting laid tonight.
We’ll light the Yule log
Deck the halls
And then we’ll play some
Jingle balls.
It’s been a real long wait
This is our second date
It’s Christmas Eve
And I’m getting laid.
“‘Joy to the World’ is a song about the birth of Jesus Christ. Yet CBS has allowed a song about the most precious, sacred and significant moment in history to be turned into a song about having sex outside of marriage,” Scott said. “Is there any line that anti- Christian people in the media will not cross? This is something one would expect from more well-known ungodly networks such as MTV.” (Interestingly, nearly 70 percent of CBS stock is owned by Sumner M. Redstone, who also happens to control MTV.
In a letter to CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves and copied to Redstone, Scott said CBS owes all Christians an apology. “What’s more,” he told the media moguls, “CBS needs to pledge that such bigotry and disregard for the sacred beliefs of billions of people will never again be displayed.”
“Why have attacks on Christians and Christianity become so commonplace and even acceptable? No other group of people tolerates such treatment. I think it’s time for a Christian anti-defamation league.”
Sheen is the son of actor Martin Sheen, whose name appears on LDI’s list of celebrities that support legal abortion.
Mr. Leslie Moonves, President & CEO, CBS Corporation, 51 W. 52nd St., New York, NY 10019; phone: 212-975-4321.
Mr. Sumner M. Redstone, Chairman & CEO, National Amusements Inc., 200 Elm St., Dedham, MA 02026; phone: 781-461-1600.

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