CBN Interview with John Schlitt About New CD, ‘GO’

Chris Carpenter, Director of Internet Programming for the influential Christian online media platform recently conducted an interview with legendary vocalist John Schlitt. CBN spoke with the Grammy and Dove Award-winning GMA Hall of Famer about his latest music project, GO. Interview with John Schlitt Here

Fans who want to watch the interview with John Schlitt can find it here:

Schlitt, formerly lead singer for Christian rock band Petra, unveiled his long-awaited new full-length solo album, GO, last month. The legendary rock vocalist calls GO “a declaration of movement.”

As Schlitt told, “It’s time to open the doors and go find out what God has for us. Go. Let’s go forward and start being excited about what God has in store for us.” 

During the interview, Schlitt opened up about the evolution of his musical style, his call to spread the Gospel, and his drive to go on creating fresh rock ‘n’ roll music.

“As long as I’m healthy, there’s no such thing as retirement,” Schlitt states in the pre-recorded interview.

“It is always a pleasure to share my heart with folks, whether it is face to face, or online through platforms like,” Schlitt continues. “The important thing is connecting with people, and in today’s world of social distancing, being able to connect online is certainly a blessing.” 

The new project released to retail on February 28, 2020, from 4K Records and is available for sale through iTunes, Amazon, and other digital media outlets. For more information about John Schlitt and GO, visit

About GO:

GO is the legendary rock vocalist’s first solo album of original material in seven years, and the project is proving to be well worth the wait for John Schlitt’s fans–the man (now has called “the best rock singer in Christian music history.” 


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