More Easter Poems

The Easter season is  a special time for believers in Jesus Christ as we celebrate his resurrection from the dead. Following are some Easter poems that remember and honor Christ’s victory over the grave. Easter Poems Thrice, Upon the Lamb “For He made Him, who knew no sin”,to be sin for our sake.The Lamb of … Read more

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Freedom Keeper

America will keep her dream And Lady Liberty a gleam. How tall she stands with lifted torch! America will keep her dream– Such high ideals we must not scorch. As proud Americans we say: Let’s guard her well and always pray America will keep her dream.  498 total views

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St. Patrick’s Day Poems

Letter to a Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, As you turned to God in your captivity, May we, captives of sin, turn to the Father. And when we dream, may our dreams Draw us closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. As you in your Confession revealed all Frailties, we, too, on your day confess … Read more

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Saint Patrick’s Shamrock Haiku

Saint Patrick’s Shamrock A Haiku for St. Patrick’s Day Saint Patrick’s Shamrock Symbol of the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit  1,555 total views,  1 views today

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Romance in Mayberry

Barney had a sweetheart Her name was Thelma Lou And they were fond of the duck pond Where they would sit and coo. Andy’s steady girlfriend Was Helen Crump you know, And they’d tarry in Mayberry Where couples often go. Goober’s girlfriend, Flora, Gave him a better plate Hoping no doubt he’d ask her out, … Read more

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Christmas Poetry

The Advent We celebrate from year to year a day of wonder, joy and cheer That day when Christ came down to earth Hallelujah! HOPE was born! Seen from the East His star so bright Yet quietly like soft candlelight Had led the wise men in their search Hallelujah! FAITH was born! Now we rejoice … Read more

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Nashville’s Month Before Christmas (Year 2000)

‘Tis the month before Christmas and all through the town The tinsel, lights, (snow?) across Nashville abound. And all over town in arenas and halls From Legislative Plaza and to Rivergate Mall; From Belle Meade Plantation to Riverfront Park; Nashville glows all day, is ablaze after dark. Concerts and pageants, reunions and greeting Shopping and … Read more

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Thanks to God for His Gifts

As gray light ushers in a brand new day, I watch the darkness slowly slip away. As the night filled with peaceful slumber ends, I thank Him upon whom my life depends. I realize it is He who provides for me And protects me from dangers I don’t see. It is He alone who knows … Read more

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Poems Inspired by Lord of the Rings

A Man Like You Once I rode a pony small; I sat astride my father’s knee. My mother sang fair lullabies And placed her warm arms around me. My father said, “Be strong! Be brave! And strive to win whate’er you do.” I scarce remember, just in dreams That once I was a man like … Read more

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