CCMA Awards Show

The CCMA Awards Show was bigger and better than ever before!!!!…..Hosted by John Berry and Crystal Gayle, it was a gayla event that we won’t soon forget. ….The Fox Brothers performed our brand new single, “Red, White, & Blue”……There’s no way I can explain the feeling I felt when I saw all of those flags … Read more

Mark Schultz – Song Cinema Premieres!

Grab the popcorn and find a seat! Mark Schultz’s Song Cinema has just been released on Word Records. Stylistically, it could almost be described as the sequel to his debut self-titled album. There also are new waves of musical creativity, based on Mark’s travels and growth as an artist. Many of Schultz’s songs are inspired … Read more

Andrew Peterson-Clear to Venus

What a day to release a new record? Andrew Peterson’s Clear to Venus was indeed released September 11. This date was also to be the start of a fall tour at Florida Christian College. Obviously, these events seemed of little importance on that day, compared to the events of our country. As the USA is … Read more

Meet Two “Infectious” New Bands

GO FISH-INFECTIOUS There is something new to be excited about at your local Christian bookstore! The young band Go Fish have released their first album, INFECTIOUS, for Inpop records. The group consists of Jamie Statema, Andy Selness, and Jason Folkmann, all from Minnesota. Go Fish started out as an a capella group several years ago … Read more

The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek – Review

Last year, relient K was an unknown band that Gotee Records took a chance on. This past spring all that changed when they hit the road for a 60-city tour with The O.C. Supertones and Switchfoot. Relient K’s sophomore album, The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek, will most likely shoot them even further into the … Read more

Tait Not Running On Empty

Tait: Michael Tate and crew release Empty With DC Talk continuing to go solo, Michael Tait and company have released the first full solo project, EMPTY as the band Tait. This album expands upon the meat and potatoes rockelement that make up Michael’s influences in DC Talk.It also lyricaly explores various themes and issuesrelating to … Read more

The Foster Kings — Butterfly Road

The Foster Kings have emerged from the chrysalis and evolved, if not into a butterfly, then into something strong and cohesive. Their project Butterfly Road takes the talents of the three creative forces behind the Foster Kings: Mark Sorrells, Gary Pigg, and David Erwin and weaves them into a palatable blend of rock/country, with undertones … Read more

dc Talk at Joy Fest 2001

Christian music is more popular than ever. The industry has exploded into the newest phenomenon planting seeds of faith all over the world. One of the groups gaining success from this new wave is the trio, DC Talk. The group has been around since the late 80’s producing inspirational songs. In DC Talk, teens find … Read more

PFR Reappears with Disappear!

Rock group PFR has reunited and signed with Steve Taylor’s Squint Entertainment. The band has just released its’ first album in four years called,Dissappear. All three original members are back together. Patrick Andrew: bass, vocals; Mark Nash: drums; and Joel Hanson:vocals, guitar. The band had originally split in 1997 and released a best-of compilation, THE … Read more


The rumors have finally been put to rest! DC Talk has, in fact, gone “solo”! This is the title of the new EP (Forefront), which previews two tracks from Tait (Michael), Kmax (Kevin), and tobyMac (Toby). The other side of the coin is that, as Toby proclaimed last month, “DC TALK IS NOT BREAKING UP!” … Read more


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