Rounding Third

Web //–> My son Aedan just got called in from the outfield to practice batting. He has a batting helmet on; he has his bat. His knees are bent; he’s leaning over the plate, and his bat is poised over his shoulder but not resting on his shoulder, never that. Three swings so far. … Read more Rounding Third

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A Mother’s Love

Web //–> A mother’s love is a cherished treasure, One with value no one can measure. Unlike others, hers is a love that will last, A sincere love–demonstrated and steadfast. Before she ever cradles her child in her welcoming arms, She’s already determined to shield that one from all alarms. No sacrifice too great, … Read more A Mother’s Love

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A Letter to Mom

Web //–> Dear Mom, Thanks for the note. Your timing is impeccable. While driving to work this morning I wept over the state of our nation and our world. I repented for not confronting sin and for being so passive about the state of our world. My prayer was that I would “DO SOMETHING” … Read more A Letter to Mom

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Hollow Bunny

Web //–> Did you ever bite into a chocolate bunny only to discover that is was hollow — what a disappointment! All set for a mouth full of chocolate but ended up with a sparse bite of flavor! This hollow bunny is a great representation of Easter without Christ! You take Him out of … Read more Hollow Bunny

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