Thanks from One Cross

Hey Kathryn: Just wanted to thank you so much for posting the article written by Joanne Brokaw from the Rochester, N.Y., Christian Voice regarding our band ONE CROSS. There is so much to see on your site that I have spent almost the last two hours just checking everything out. ONE CROSS has just finished … Read more

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Christian Singles Cruises

Hi, I am writing to find out about possible Christian Singles Cruises, for next year, and preferably the Carribean. Would you have any info on this ? Thank you, Candy There are some Christian cruises but I am not familiar with any just for singles.  269 total views,  1 views today

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God Made Something Out of Nothing To Do

Hello, My name is Timothy La Belle and I was excited to see a website such as yours. I am the author and illustrator of the children’s book “God Made Something Out of Nothing To Do… and So Can You!” It is a book with a similar focus to your own: God created us, He … Read more

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As I book gigs, I’ll try and list them in your directory…Your work has been such a help to the Christian community for such a long time…quite a testimony to your faith and God’s faithfulness… Pax, Tricia Walker  291 total views,  1 views today

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Irresponsible Foreign Aid Workers

While it is very fortunate that the eight so called “foreign aid workers” were released ,without harm, from Afghanistan, their presense and activities there was highly irresponsible. Among the eight were two American missionaries, Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer, along with four Germans and two Australians who were in Afghanistan with Shelter Now International. SNI … Read more

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Clear Channel & the Free Enterprise System

WE WILL SHOW THEM! In the wake of our recent article on Clear Channel taking their Christian programming off the air, Christian Activities has received numerous calls and emails about the station’s change in format. Christian Activities had a wonderful relationship with 101.1 and traded ads and information on a regular basis, yet even we … Read more

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sorry to bother you with this, but i was shocked on friday to find they were no longer playing the programming i had grown to love…not only did i return to god’s protective custody through this radio station, but it was what kept me “in tune” during the week…i found the actual news of the … Read more

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Campaign to get 101.1 FM The One back on the air

It is most unfortunate that the listeners of WZTO were never given the opportunity to reach out into the community to promote businesses to do their advertising on that station. It has to be assumed that unless asked, that the station is meeting its financial needs and the amount of advertising that occurred on the … Read more

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radio station

I am an avid listener of the station 101.1 fm and its gone. It has been replaced by a rap station. What happened to it. I never heard anything announced about it being bought or whatever. Hopefully you will know the answer. Also, can you tell me of another christian radio station that plays contemparary. … Read more

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101.1 f.m

gentlemenn: do you have any idea whats the deal over at 101.1 f.m.? i’ve been enjoying christian music every morning and evening for quiet a while now. when i got in my car this evening i was shocked at the incomprehensialbe music was blastng me!! i thought my radio had gotten moved but i was … Read more

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