A Friend in Need

Dana Curry is my friend Nancy Cassel’s daughter, and she’s in trouble. You see, she is on trial in Afghanistan right now, and she could be sentenced to death by public hanging. Her crime? She’s been accused of sharing her faith in Christ to Muslim’s (a possible death-penalty offense if convicted). I’m praying hard that … Read more

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This message comes from Malaysia

This message comes from Malaysia Yes… my heart goes out to all our brothers/sisters in New York & D.C.. for those who lost their loved ones and also the victims of this devastating events that happened in America lately. For many of us around the world we are keeping watch and our prayers goes out … Read more

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Following the disaster in Italy

We’ve been following the CNN continuously and I know that all the American people are united to help people. It’s so amazing to know that some people can do such a horrible thing involving lots of innocent civilians. Rieko Hagiwara, Italy  246 total views

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Networks Plan on Blaspheming God

From a story on NewsMax, dated September 4 The major TV networks are planning a full-scale attack on traditional values and sensibilities with this fall’s upcoming TV season, NewsMax.com has learned. ABC, CBS and NBC are considering dropping many of the few remaining standards on network prime-time TV programs – and will likely allow expletives … Read more

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Will True Vibe Be in Kansas Sept. 1?

About a month or so ago I got my tix for Rock the Light on Sept. 1st in Kansas City, MO….b/c True Vibe is gonna be there…everyone else that is there I’ve already met and have seen and I did’t get tix to go see them…only True Vibe, I paid $50 for my tix…well, I … Read more

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Got my prize!

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have received my CD, and just as soon as I listen to it enough to give a good review I’ll leave a post as to my thoughts and feelings on the project. By the way, the little bit I have gotten to listen to it I … Read more

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Plus One Question

I was talking to a guy I met at the last Plus One concert. We sang with them together. =) Anyhow, he’s all excited that Plus One is coming back to Chicago on Sept 7. I got upset because I’m going to college in Miami & I leave on Aug 14. Then…I realize that Plus … Read more

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Hello from The Elms…

Christian Activities folks… My name is Owen, and I sing for The Elms- I’m writing you to thank you for the recent article on our band. It was well written, informative (even to me… I had no idea our song was top 5!), and I’ll see that we link to it from our official site … Read more

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The Glorious Rise of Christian Pop

The Christian entertainment industry takes center stage as the cover story for Newsweek’s July 16, 2001 issue on stands today. Newsweek shines the spotlight on Festival Con Dios and provides an unprecedented overview of the booming Christian entertainment industry, including Steven Curtis Chapman, CeCe Winans, Newsboys, Amy Grant, Carman, P.O.D and Audio Adrenaline among others. … Read more

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Proposed Budget Reductions Rejected

We are in the last few days of the General Assembly for this year, I want to keep you posted on what is taking place. The conference committee met this morning and a vote has been called for on the current income tax proposal. This is the modified Flatter Income Tax plan with rates of … Read more

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