Capt. Dale Black Shares Near-Death Experience in New Book

~ After 40 years, the lone survivor of a plane crash, Captain Dale Black, shares his near-death experience in a new book, “Visiting Heaven” ~

Capt. Dale Black Shares Near-Death Experience in “Visiting Heaven”

In his new book, “Visiting Heaven,” Captain Dale Black recounts the tragic plane crash that took the lives of two other pilots. Although he was the lone survivor, Black broke nearly every bone in his body and severed his right eye. His recovery was slow and painful, but no one knew that Black’s journey went well beyond the emergency room and hospital. Black actually died and had what many term as a near death experience, but he kept what he saw to himself for over four decades based on some advice from his grandfather.

“My experience was extremely sacred and very difficult to talk about,” says Black. “But within about a week of the crash, I told my grandfather who I trusted and who was my spiritual mentor. He suggested that I not speak about it, but live it out through my life, which is exactly what I chose to do. I told no one else for 40 years—not even my wife—until I believed God was telling me to share it.”

In “Visiting Heaven,” Black describes in detail what he saw in heaven, including meeting Jesus.

“Jesus was the most regal and beautiful man I had ever seen or could imagine,” says Black. “His piercing eyes penetrated my heart. There are no eyes on earth like them. In His eyes were total authority and total acceptance. My legs lost their strength, and I collapsed. Both my hands embraced His feet. I remained motionless on my face before Him, holding His feet. Just then, I felt so unworthy. I stared, surprised to see the damage from the nails. There were no scars, only holes in His feet with brilliant light emanating from them. He looked at me and asked, ‘Do you love me, Dale?’ I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. Then He bent down further, moving closer to my ear. I can still feel and smell His sweet breath on my face. In a reverberating voice, He whispered, ‘What will you do with the life I give you?’”

Black describes seeing loved ones he had never met, infinite streams of light, brilliant colors that he says are incomparable to anything on earth, and the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance. But before Black ascended to this heavenly realm, he describes a glimpse of hell that shook him to the core.

“Just after I died, I was hovering above all the things happening in the emergency room,” says Black. “I felt I was in two places at the same time—the real me was detached and acutely aware of everything going on. And the physical part of me was still on the table. Suddenly, a heaviness entered the area. I watched as evil spirits slithered like snakes into the adjacent space. There were many of them, human-like, but moving in ways no humans can. The sheer terror that was there was almost suffocating in its intensity. Their target was a person unidentifiable to me. I later learned that it was my aviation mentor, Chuck Burns, who died there. I think about Chuck every day and it breaks my heart.”

Black says he is not concerned about skeptics who may dismiss his story.“I have no desire to try to convince anyone that my experience was real,” says Black. “What I do know is that it transformed me. It turned everything I thought I knew and wanted inside out, and it has stayed with me to this day. I literally gained a new reality and all my priorities instantly shifted. How I perceived people and eternity will never be the same. My reality before seeing heaven would be like saying I lived in a black and white and a two-dimensional, flat world. Heaven was so much more real than earth. I saw more colors than you can imagine, and multiple dimensions that I never knew existed before. Trying to explain my new reality to people is very challenging. In heaven, I instantly realized I was created to be there, but for now, I am back on earth in a superficial, paper drawing world by comparison. My heart’s desire is that when people hear my story, they will be motivated to decide for themselves about their eternal destination. The Bible is clear. There is only one way to make Heaven your destination—and that is through accepting Jesus Christ as God’s only Son and asking Him into their lives.”

Who is Captain Dale Black?

About Captain Dale Black:Captain Dale Black is a former airline pilot instructor and commercial pilot, a best-selling author, and an ordained minister. He has a BA degree from Point Loma Nazarene University, a MA in Theology, and a PhD in Business. He founded several aviation businesses and is a retired airline pilot instructor, jet captain, FAA designated examiner and aviation accident prevention counselor. Only three months after marrying his college sweetheart, Paula, they left for the jungles of Northern Peru to work with the primitive Aguaruna Indian tribe, launching a lifetime love for world missions. In 1981, they founded Eagle International Ministries where Black led scores of teams on short-term Christian missionary projects in over 50 countries. Dale Black shares his near-death experience in his new book, “Visiting Heaven.” For more information visit

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