Campus Reform Looks at ‘Trans’ & ‘Queer Theory’ in K-12 Schools

~ MAP: Transgenderism and “Queer Theory” in K-12 schools in all Continental United States ~

WARNING: Graphic descriptions of book contents

Campus Reform conducted a survey and identified at least one instance of a transgender/queer theory children’s book in the 49 Continental United States 

The map below shows where these schools were identified by Campus Reform, including an elementary school in Memphis.

‘Trans’ & ‘Queer Theory’ in K-12 Schools

Campus Reform surveyed the entire US and found instances of K-12 public school districts carrying children’s books with messaging about “gender identity,” some including sexually explicit material— in every state.

These books were compiled into a map:

One popular title found in states like Tennessee, Connecticut, Maine, and Michigan is Julian Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love. The book is a story about a boy named Julian who dreams of transitioning into a mermaid after noticing three women dressed up as such—similar to Matt Walsh’s satirical Johnny the Walrus.

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Another book, found in Arkansas and Kansas, is Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson—a homosexual professor of psychiatry at Columbia University—and his reported husband, Peter Parnell. The children’s graphic novel tells the story of two male penguins named Roy and Silo—who take turns sitting on an egg until it hatches. 

George (written by Alex Gino) follows a transgender fourth-grade student named George who “comes out” as a girl—now going by the name Melissa—during a class production of the classic “Charlotte’s Web” play.  

According to The Guardian, the book was later republished under the title “Melissa” out of “respect” for the transgender community. Alex Gino followed up by apologizing and not respecting the character’s identity. 

One book (previously identified by Fox News) pushing sexually explicit content is This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson. The book describes various forms of gay sex and “kinks” and was located in the Sequoia Union High School District in California.  

Fox News used the same database as Campus Reform to locate the book. 

A quote from the book reads: “We in the kink community are aware that there are a multitude of ways people can… achieve gratification without touching and without orgasm. So this is all very fuzzy.” 

The book also says, with an accompanying diagram: “Up your bum you have a prostate gland which feels nice to be massaged. The anus is also sensitive and responds to being played with.” 

Another portion reads: “Lots of men, gay or straight, like how this feels. Anal sex ISN’T a ‘gay thing.’”

The book also describes oral sex in graphic detail. “The term ‘blow job’ is massively misleading, as you won’t actually be blowing on his penis—it’s more about sucking.” It continues further to state that “It’s more about sliding your mouth up and down his cock.” 

Lisa Bunker, author of Zenobia July, told Campus Reformon Apr. 15 that “Gender identity is simply about what gender we know ourselves to be. Children as young as two years old begin to express their gender identities, and for all children figuring out gender is part of growing up.”

She also added that “It is therefore entirely appropriate to have a book about a trans girl figuring out how to navigate middle school in a middle school library.”

This connects to a broader trend currently being covered by Campus Reform in which schools are pushing both transgender ideology and “queer theory” in the classroom, in addition to making sexually-explicit content readily available for minors. This can be directly traced back to what Campus Reform has covered regarding higher education. 

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