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Love Comes Down in India

“Love came Down At Christmas”, a musical ensemble with Christmas Hymns, Solos and Carols was staged at the 800 capacity St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bombay on Thursday, 14th December at 7.30 p.m. The programme had a premiere of the film, `Beyond Sight’ that was Written, Produced and Directed by C. D. Jebasingh for Cephas International. The theme of the film is, `Love is beyond sight’. The programme was organized by, the Galilean International Film and Television Service (GIFTS). It was a…

Armenia Celebrates 1700th Anniversary as Oldest Church

In 2001 Armenia will celebrate its 1700th anniversary as the oldest Christian Church in the world. There is an historic opportunity before us to celebrate in a genuine spiritual revival of the Armenian Church. Pilgrimages are among the most popular aspects of the events and activities planned on the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of the declaration of Christianity as state religion in Armenia. Armenian Culture has earned its place in the history of the world by virtue of the…

Australian Christian Channel

The Australian Christian Channel is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is currently broadcasting to the Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane metropolitan areas. The Australian Christian Channel features content that is inspirational, entertaining and educational. Programming contains primarily local content as well as a selection of popular programs from around the world, acknowledging that Christianity is both global and local in nature. Viewers can enjoy inspirational teaching, wholesome children’s cartoons, contemporary youth programs and the latest in…

Reconciliation and Forgiveness in the Solomon Islands

Reconciliation and Forgiveness in the Solomon Islands Recently a missions team has returned from a trip to the Solomon Islands. The team is based at Edge City Church, Auckland and was led by Dave and Joy Allen who were involved in work in the Islands nearly 30 years ago. Earlier this year God spoke clearly to them to take a team back on their return. For their daughter Michaela it was her first time to the Islands, along with other…


Amagem Records in conjunction with Kemble Productions (Irvine, CA) are pleased to announce that Gospel recording artists Gracious Ladies have been selected to represent the United States Of America in Tirana, Albania at the International Ethno Folk 2000 Celebration to be held October 24-30, 2000. Gracious ladies were nominated for a Stellar Gospel Music Award in 1999 for the CD “Take Control”. The group will perform selections from their current and upcoming CD, as well as patriotic, traditional and inspirational…

Former Heavy-Metal Rocker Now Witness

A former heavy-metal rocker is telling people about Christ in Sydney, Australia. David Soesbee, voted in high school as most likely to be incarcerated or dead before age 30, is preaching the message of life, Sydney’s Wesley Mission reported. The 34-year-old is among 230 Christians from 150 U.S. churches taking part in Reach-Out 2000 Sydney through Lay Witnesses for Christ Intl. Soesbee prayed with 43 people who put their faith in Christ in six hours of door-to-door evangelism this week,…


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