By The Way

November 24, 2000

Last month we ran the list of Stellar Award nominees along with the question:Is there a need for both the Dove Awards and the Stellar Awards? Following is the Survey we ran with the Stellar Awards article as well as our reader responses.

November 16, 2000

Praise the Lord for a site that is being used
for the edification of many.

November 11, 2000

The first seven years that we published Christian Activities, we ran a monthly tongue-in-cheek column on the prior month's activities called Scene & Herd, sort of a spoof of a regular column in the Tennesseean. Here is the November 1996 edition.

November 3, 2000

The 54-year-old Texas governor, who has been open about his past drinking problems, had not publicly disclosed the arrest because not even his 18-year-old twin daughters were
aware of it.

September 19, 2000

The vagueness, awkwardness, and illogic of Gore's explanation raise the natural suspicion that his conversion on abortion was political

September 16, 2000

Mastering Life Ministries is gathering signatures from ordained pastors, counselors
and leaders in Christian organizations to a biblical statement on human sexual
morality. It has already gained the signatures of approx. 700 leaders.