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RESPONSE! Appalachian Outreach

Hello Kathryn or whom it may concern: My name is Alea and I am a student at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN. I volunteer with Appalachian Outreach and would like to help get as much info as possible to Deacon Fola Victor in Africa. I happened upon his inquiry,, and was amazed that he even heard of the ministry. Many people in Nashville haven’t even heard of it! Here is some information; Appalachian Outreach staff: Shannon Washam, Director;…

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Deeper Walk with God

I’m needing some information on a gospel group The lead vocalist is a woman. I think the name of the song is “Deeper walk with God” I know in the chorus it says “I’m on a deeper walk with God” I can’t remember the rest but it is a beautiful song and I would love to know how to get it. thanks for any help Larry Abel Dear Larry, While I am not familiar with this song, I hope one…

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The Legal Perspective

Today at EMI-Christian Music Group, I picked up your magazine in the lunch room. I am very, very interested in getting a few old issues. I need to read the continuing articles (previous) in the section Inside the Industry – The Record – Part I, II, II, IV, and V. Please let me know how I might get these issues. Thank you very much! Anne Hi Anne, We are able to keep a few old issues on hand for those…

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News from Pacific Media Ministry: Willie Jones Story

A local EMMY-awarded documentary, “The Willie Jones Story” will air nationally on the Odyssey Network in February as part of Black History Month. It is the moving true account of a high school valedictorian headed to Cornell University on a full academic scholarship who was killed in a drive-by shooting the night of his graduation. An African-American from Lincoln High School in Southeast San Diego, Willie Jones Jr. was an honor student with a 3.97 GPA, a champion athlete, student…

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Dear sir, Calvary greetings and complement of the season in the glorious name of Jesus. I am glad to come across this Appalachian Outreach on the website and by the grace of GOD my team will like to be part of it in KNOXVILLE (EASTERN TENNESSEE) Jefferson City. Actually, I am the leader of this team called “THE LORDS PRAISE TEAM MINISTRY”, we are full time missionary, we minister to people through music, Drama, Choreography and Children programmes. We are…

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Greetings, just wanted to say that your ministry has been a great blessing to this area. I would also like to know if you have a newsletter with info about upcoming youth events. If so, it would be much appreciated if you would include me on your list. Thank you and God bless. Ben Damron Youth Pastor Elora Church of Jesus Dear Ben, Thanks you for your kind words. You will be happy to know that we DO have a…

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I have been having trouble printing the Rocketown web site as well as contacting anyone from their organization ( I am interested in modeling a christian nightclub after it and need the information). If someone can tell me how I can get in touch with the director/manager I would greatly appreciate it. Shawn Hedegard is the manager of Rocketown. The last I heard they did not have a place — for over a year — for the teen club. I…

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Mennonite Investors Challenge AT&T Porn Link

The Wall Street Journal reported in December 2000 that eight institutional investors, led by Mennonite Mutual Aid and controlling more than 1.6 million AT&T shares, filed a proxy asking the company to study and report on its Hot Network cable-TV relationship and to review and report on AT&T’s porn-industry involvement policies by May. The sexually explicit network and a sister channel reach 26 million homes. While news reports have named the top three telephone carriers as supporters of gay rights,…

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I am searching for a way to contact Joanna Carlson. She has a CD called Light of Home that had a tremendous impact on my healing and recovery in my battle with anorexia. I would love to let her know what an impact her ministry had in saving my life. I heard she doesn’t record anymore, but I know she did a duet with Greg Long called “Through the Years”. So many record companies have changed or merged, that none…

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Senator Blackburn received an email from a friend asking how people could send Christmas cards to servicemen. Here is Senator Blackburn’s suggestion: Our local Veteran Services officer checked with the public information office at Ft. Campbell. They suggested that if citizens would like to say “thanks for a job well done”, the appropriate way is to send a holiday greeting to the following address: To Any Soldier Task Force 2-327 Camp Bond Steel APO AEO 09340 The greetings will be…

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