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Clear Channel & the Free Enterprise System

WE WILL SHOW THEM! In the wake of our recent article on Clear Channel taking their Christian programming off the air, Christian Activities has received numerous calls and emails about the station’s change in format. Christian Activities had a wonderful relationship with 101.1 and traded ads and information on a regular basis, yet even we did not see this coming. This is not surprising considering the staff apparently did not know either. Since then our email has been full of…

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radio station

I am an avid listener of the station 101.1 fm and its gone. It has been replaced by a rap station. What happened to it. I never heard anything announced about it being bought or whatever. Hopefully you will know the answer. Also, can you tell me of another christian radio station that plays contemparary. Thanks a bunch, Charla Petersen Related information: 101.1 No Longer Playing Christian Music Clear Channel and the Free Enterprise System  334 total views,  1 views today

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101.1 f.m

gentlemenn: do you have any idea whats the deal over at 101.1 f.m.? i’ve been enjoying christian music every morning and evening for quiet a while now. when i got in my car this evening i was shocked at the incomprehensialbe music was blastng me!! i thought my radio had gotten moved but i was amazed to find out that wasn’t the case, as soon as i got home ilogged onto to try to get some info with no…

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101.1 Radio Station

What has happened to 101.1 The One radio station. I have not listened to any other radio station for a year and a half and today it’s RAP??? Is this a mistake or did they change their programming? Where can I go to listen to all my favorite Christian Artists? I’m am very distressed over this! Related information: 101.1 No Longer Playing Christian Music Clear Channel and the Free Enterprise System  319 total views,  1 views today

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Pray for America

As everyone knows by now, America launched a retaliatory air strike on the Taliban of Afghanistan today, attacking known training camps and military headquarters of Osama bin Laden. Approximately 94% of Americans support this decision. America is also dropping food, supplies and leaflets for the Afghani people even as the attacks on the terrorist camps are ongoing to try to assure them our war is against the terrorists, not Afghanistan. Please join me in praying for our country during this…

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Letter to the Editor: Kirk Cameron

Dear Kathryn, I just wanted to thank you for the all of the information I just read about Kirk Cameron on the forum. I am a 26 year old, happily married Christian with three young children. I grew up as “Kirk Cameron’s #1 fan.” I had every picture and article with Kirk in it. I memorized all of his personal info and prayed every night that God would let me meet him. (I entered hundreds of contests that promised the…

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A Friend in Need

Dana Curry is my friend Nancy Cassel’s daughter, and she’s in trouble. You see, she is on trial in Afghanistan right now, and she could be sentenced to death by public hanging. Her crime? She’s been accused of sharing her faith in Christ to Muslim’s (a possible death-penalty offense if convicted). I’m praying hard that she and the others (several Germans and another American girl who work for Shelter Now, a relief agency) will be simply expelled fromthe country. But…

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This message comes from Malaysia

This message comes from Malaysia Yes… my heart goes out to all our brothers/sisters in New York & D.C.. for those who lost their loved ones and also the victims of this devastating events that happened in America lately. For many of us around the world we are keeping watch and our prayers goes out to everyone – who in one way or another have become the victims of the unforseen circumstances.. With Love in Christ, Angeline  293 total views,  1 views…

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9-11 Emergency Numbers, Contact Info and Special Needs

RESCUE WORKERS URGENT REQUEST: In a surprising announcement at 5:15 EST, it was announced rescue workers working on the site urgently need supplies including: Gloves Boots Ponchos Inhalers Flashlights BandAids Hard hats Oxygen Tanks Neosporin Kleenex Goggles Perhaps the best way to meet these needs is through financial donations to one of the organizations below: To donate money: –American Red Cross Call 1-(800) HELP-NOW –Salvation Army 1-(800) SAL-ARMY –The United Way Contribute to The September Eleventh Fund to help the…

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National Pride Days/Events

Flags Across America To show the rest of the world that we Americans stick together, Friday September 14 is “Flags Across America.” All Americans are asked to display the American flag either in their homes or cars. Let’s keep the meaning of UNITED in “United States”. Candles for Freedom Friday Night at 7:00 p.m. step out your door, stop your car, or step out ofyour establishment and light a candle. We will show the world that Americansare strong and united…

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