Butterfly Boucher Returns to Australia

Butterfly Boucher (rhymes with voucher) returns to Australia in March to tour with Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan.
Born in the middle of a seven daughter family, she played bass with The Mercy Bell (aka Eat the Menu),
before moving to London and now Nashville.
Butterfly is described as a “precocious over-achiever who is now ready to breakout from her cocoon”.
She plays all the instruments on her debut CD Flutterby and shapes each song into an “airy confection”.
Billboard Magazine listed the album among the best of 2004.
In the 70s and early 80s, Butterfly’s father Rod Boucher was one of the leaders in Australian Christian music.
He is best remembered for his One Man’s Band and songs like Every Little Bit of Australia (also recorded by Slim Dusty) and No Worries Love. Today, he performs
all over the world with Bedlam Oz.

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