Building 429- ‘Building 429’

Building 429 first burst onto the Christian music scene in 2004 with their debut release, Space in Between Us. The song “Glory Defined” from that release exploded, topping charts, winning BMI’s Song of the Year, and helped the band to land a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year. Since then, the band has released two more studio type releases, Rise (2006), and Iris to Iris (2007).
Now the musical trio of Jason Roy (lead vocalist), Michael Anderson (drums), and Jesse Garcia (keys, guitar, backing vocals) are back with this self-titled release on the band’s new label home INO Records.
On this release the songs deal with having a deeper unshakable faith, and getting back that passion like you had when you first got saved.
The songs for the most part are upbeat rockers filled with big guitar and drumbeats, topped off with keyboard parts. The vocals are strong, crisp, and filled with passion.
My favorite rocking tracks are, “End of Me,” which also happens to be the first single from the release. The song talks about how true fulfillment in your life can only really be found if you surrender total control of it to Jesus.
Another favorite of mine is the song, “Shoulder,” a pop/rocker with a blues edge to it. The song talks about how important it is to have good friendships in your life to be there in both the good and bad times.
I also liked the several ballads that are found on this release. The song “Always” is a piano lead ballad that also includes soft guitar and strings that builds to a crescendo. The song talks about how all of the questions we might have in this lifetime can’t be answered right now but rest assured that God is in control.
Another powerful ballad is the last track, “Bringing Me to Life.” The guitar and keys lead song deals with surrendering your life to God and letting Him breath new life into you.
This is one of those special releases that hit on all cylinders and showcases just how much Building 429 has matured over the years both musically and spiritually.
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