Build to Minister Aids Churches

An innovative program called “Build to Minister” offers an alternative to conventional financing for churches that need to build, but are having difficulty obtaining the financing they need.

For the ever-increasing number of smaller churches meeting in rented space, it is hard to make the financial transition into their own building. Many lenders are unwilling or unable to provide financing to these churches in order to help them relocate or expand. Even though many of these churches could afford the payment, they may not fit the lenders’ underwriting model and are therefore unable to obtain financing. A new program from Arks Inc, a Raleigh-based ministry, offers a solution for many of these churches through its Build to Minister(TM) program.
Pastor Stanley Jones of Vineyard Christian Center in Chocowinity, NC attests to the frustration many churches endure in trying to obtain construction financing: “Our church was told by a number of lenders that because we are a non-denominational church with less than five years of financial history, no one would help us”, says Pastor Jones. Today, having recently celebrated their third anniversary of ministry, they are in their new building where attendance has grown by 50% in the first two months. “It’s like paradise”, says Pastor Jones, “We would not be where we are today without the Arks Build to Minister Program.”
The Build to Minister program uses funds received through their non-profit ministry, Accumulated Resources of Kindred Spirits, for new construction of facilities that churches then lease with an option to purchase. Says Arks Founder and President, Robert Knowles, “We are doing what no one else in the country is doing: We are providing a custom built building on the church’s property that they can lease until they qualify for a conventional loan. In the process we are helping them enhance their credit worthiness while helping them accomplish their mission in the community.”
Build now – Buy later. The Build to Minister Program from Arks has provided millions of dollars to churches to help them build sooner, rather than later; purchasing their building up to three years after they move in, but at today’s price.
For additional information on the Build to Minster program, visit or call Steve Anderson at Arks at (919) 785-9737.
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