Bruce Carroll Releases Big World

On September 6, 2005, two-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Bruce Carroll continues his celebrated career with the release of his latest album, Big World. The album will be released through On the Grove Records, a record label that Carroll launched along with his Memphis-based home church-Hope Presbyterian Church-one of the fastest growing churches in America.
Big World, Carroll’s tenth album to date, brings to the spotlight his spiritual growth and his ever maturing musicality and lyricism. The album features twelve songs penned by Carroll and combines a variety of musical styles, a tradition that Carroll has kept over his nearly two-decade long career.
“There’s more maturity in my faith, my life, my production,” says Carroll about the album. “I’m playing better and singing better, which is one of the motivations for doing this CD.”
With influences that include folk, bluegrass and pop, Carroll manages to find a way to mix the various musical genres that he loves on Big World. “Some of my new work is pop orchestral, some is real scaled back. Some is earthy acoustic,” he explains. “It’s a mixed bag of styles that just happen to be all what I like and what the songs seem to want to wear.”
As Carroll began writing songs for Big World, he began thinking about the mission behind Hope Presbyterian, which is known as a church for the unchurched. He chose lyrics that would express real life issues without trying to solve them. He comments that, “Life is not tied up in nice little bows. Sometimes we don’t get the answers, so we operate in faith. Sometimes people just want to know someone knows how they feel. Sometimes that is the redemptive quality of the songs: I’ve felt your pain.”
Over the course of his career, Carroll has been honored with two Grammy Awards and seven Dove Awards, and he has written eleven #1 hit songs. His previous top-selling albums have helped him capture four Grammy Award nominations and 24 Dove Award nominations. Recently, the multi-talented artist added award-winning author to his list of titles. He was the recipient of a prestigious Angel Award for his debut book, Sometimes Miracles Hide (Howard Publishing Co.). He and his wife Nikki are currently working on a second book, Divine Appointments, which is slated to release this fall.
Big World will be distributed through TAG Distribution.
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