Brendan Soul – A Celtic Companion: Carol Arblaster



Brendan Soul – A Celtic Companion – Carol Arblaster
Brendan Soul – A Celtic Companion combines some of the loveliest instrumentals imaginable with moderate vocals to create a palatable project. My favorite song by far was “Skellig Michael,” which I could listen to all day. My only complaint is that it was too short. The liner notes say, “This tune breaths tranquility and hope of eternal rest.” If the entire CD captured the lyrical beauty of this song, I think I would just leave it on the turntable.
Another favorite song was the simple, melodic “Julian’s Song,” another great instrumental. Arblaster wrote this lovely lullaby for her first grand daughter, Julian.
Paul Arblaster’s lyrics are lovely and inspiring and Carol’s harp music is melodic and tranquil. Although the vocals are pleasant enough, they are no match for the rest of the subtle, soothing mix of elements found in Brendan Soul. The only place the vocals truly soar are on the last song, “Apart from You,” where the entire mix of vocals, lyrics and instruments works together to create a noteworthy ending for the project.
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