Brave Books Offers Great Content for Kids

~ At a time when children are being inundated with inappropriate content from money-hungry woke publishers, Brave Books offers great content for kids ~

Brave Books: Great Content for Kids

In an age where drag queens read to and perform for children in libraries and classrooms; where public schools indoctrinate children with progressive, Marxist culture; where children’s movies and cartoons push virulent content; and where libraries carry inappropriate books for kids— it is important to provide children with wholesome content that guides them in the right direction. That’s where Brave Books comes in.

While many other children’s book companies seek to profit off of kids by pushing an agenda that is not friendly to children or families, Brave Books states that their goal is “securing the hearts and minds of our children” with “wholesome stories for families because we are parents, too.”

According to their website, BRAVE’s founder, Trent Talbot, searched for wholesome books for his own family, but the progressive agenda in so many of today’s children’s books disturbed him. He decided to quit his career in ophthalmology to start BRAVE Books.

Talbot built a publishing company with an “interconnected series of books” that honor the family unit and promote traditional values. Among their authors is respected actor and evangelist Kirk Cameron, author of “Pride Comes Before the Fall.”

Brave Books Mission Statement

Brave Books says that their mission statement is:

We are a company that families trust to equip their kids with strong moral foundations. As a start-up company with big stories and even bigger dreams, we aim to provide literature for kids from ABCs at age two all the way to age eighteen when they’re ready to lead the future.

Brave Books Mission Statement

Find great content for kids at Brave Books.

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