Brad Stine Releases 2nd Project

~ Critically acclaimed Christian comedian, Brad Stine, will be releasing his second project “Put A Helmet On!” August 5th ~

Brad Stine Releases 2nd Project

Critically acclaimed comedian, Brad Stine, will be releasing a new video “Put A Helmet On!” August 5th that will be available in the DVD, VHS, and CD formats and offers Brad’s fans sixty minutes of his edgy, rapid-fire comedy. “Put A Helmet On!” marks the second release for Perpetual Entertainment Group and the project will be distributed by New Day Christian Distribution.

Currently a featured performer on this year’s Promise Keepers 18-city tour, Stine will be appearing to an expected total audience of 200,000 men. In auditoriums across the country, Stine has been bringing the Promise Keepers crowds to their feet and sells an average of 2,500 copies of “Put A Helmet On!” each evening. “Using a comedian is something new to Promise Keepers and the guys are very responsive to Brad’s in-your face humor,” says Harold Velasquez, Vice President, Creative Services for Promise Keepers.

“It’s a cutting edge approach that makes guys sit up and listen to some hard reality.”

The title of the DVD “Put A Helmet On!” comes from a catch phrase Stine uses throughout his act, which spotlights society’s misguided attempts to protect people from themselves, such as requiring helmets for bicyclists or overusing antibacterial wipes on your kids. At the same time, Stine can bring a crowd to a hushed silence as he professes his faith by following Jesus and the absolute truth of His word.

“When you actually realize there was a historical Jesus who we do know was true and who existed in real time and he was God; that there was one time in the history of the human race that God reveals himself to us – when that isn’t just a myth but it’s real, it’s so awe inspiring and it’s so life changing that there’s no where else to go,” says Stine. “You have to deal with ‘I am accountable for my life now’ but it also frees you because you know where you are going.”

Stine jokingly calls himself a clean comedian in a dirty package, since he has an edgy style without the curse words or sexual references that are sometimes used by professional mainstream comedians. “People who know how comedy works, all know that clean is harder than dirty,” explains Stine. “It’s harder to write and it’s harder to get laughs that way. You have to use your intellect because you can’t go to a baser element.”

Stine’s humor appeals to audiences of all ages as he performs at youth camps, churches, and festivals. Stine honed his comedic skills in the mainstream marketplace appearing in clubs, colleges, and national TV (MTV, Showtime, A&E), before heeding the call to use his comedy as a ministry in the Christian field. As you can tell from the audience in “Put A Helmet On!”, there are youngsters, teens, adults, and senior citizens enjoying his unique brand of humor. Or as Brad explains it, “The message of my comedy routine is conservative but the approach is edgy and provocative, so I think that’s the reason so many age groups enjoy my performance. There are senior citizens who have only heard of Bob Hope as a comedian and there are teens and young adults who have grown up on MTV in my audiences. I think laughter is a form of worship in that we are experiencing joy, as that can uplift the spirit and become a spark in spiritual matters.”

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