Boycott the ‘Day of Silence’



The Illinois Family Institute (IFI) is part of the national pro-family coalition that is encouraging parents to keep their children home from school on Wednesday, April 18 — to avoid being subjected to GLSEN’s (The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) homosexual “Day of Silence,” in which students and some supportive faculty intentionally remain silent throughout the school day to protest (perceived and real) oppression of homosexuals.
“This is an excellent opportunity for parents to teach their children the truth about God’s blessing and learn about His intentions and gift of sexuality,” said IFI Executive Director Dave Smith. “What students won’t hear during the “Day of Silence” is the fact that same sex attraction for youth can have many causes. For a child to consider their “identity” as homosexual, is a tragedy.
“Moreover, teachers and school administrators that allow students to be ‘silent’ in class and not participate, by default, give their endorsement to the politicization of sexual behavior — something that teenage students have no business promoting. Parents should be concerned about how schools are being used to push the pro-homosexual and pro- bisexual message on young, impressionable minds.”
What Can Parents Do?
IFI’s School Issues Advisor, Lora Sue Hauser, says that the first thing is to get information. “Find out if you school participates in Day of Silence and then ask if Day of Silence enters the classroom. If students in your school are permitted to be silent during class time, parents need to express their strong disapproval of this egregious disruption of the educational process. Then, write a letter to opt-out your student for the day and send it to teachers and administrators.”
If your student or a student club wants to take a stronger stand, they can participate in the Alliance Defense Fund’s Day of Truth, which takes place the day after Day of Silence. Students can where a T-shirt and pass out cards stating the truth about homosexuality. For more information, contact Lora Sue at IFI: 630-790-8370.
Smith agreed, saying “school administrators and educators seem to go out of their way to cater to this pro-gay agenda, while ignoring the other side of this very divisive issue. It is really sad that students will not hear a balanced view of homosexuality.
“The good news is that God loves people caught up in homosexuality enough to help them overcome it, as evidenced by the existence of thousands of former homosexuals,” Smith said.
IFI works to uphold marriage and family, life and liberty in the Land of Lincoln.
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