Book Beat

November 6, 2000

New "A To Zä" Book Holds The Answers

November 6, 2000

CBA Expo will be at the Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville

November 5, 2000

New products for kids. Kids products win awards.

October 22, 2000

"Why I'm Still a Christian:
Recovering a Personal Faith From the Damaging Effects of Religion."

October 18, 2000

EVERY NAME OF GOD IN THE BIBLE offers a comprehensive yet contemporary
treatment of the names of God such as "Yahweh," "Creator of Heaven and
Earth," "Fortress," and numerous others

October 15, 2000

Books based on the film "Joseph: King of Dreams."

September 30, 2000

LifeWay Christian Stores is removing all titles by Gwen Shamblin.

September 18, 2000

CBA conducted its first regional
convention in Hong Kong Sept. 6-8. Registered delegates totaled over
140. Fifteen
countries were represented including Nepal and Papua New Guinea.

June 18, 2000

"Secrets" features candid reflections on living the Christian faith excerpted from exclusive interviews with some of the most influential Christian authors of our time