Bold Truth Youth Tour

Inpop recording group Superchic[k] recently kicked off the first of several  BOLD TRUTH YOUTH TOUR  with renowned youth speaker and author Josh McDowell this past weekend in Tri Cities, TN.  
Bringing in nearly 2000 youth at this first event, with future shows (see list below) playing to audiences of 5,000, THE BOLD TRUTH YOUTH event is a one-evening, three-hour youth extravaganza with live drama, motion pictures, lights, sound, and music punctuated by the gripping questions: “What are you searching for?”; “What is the most valued treasure in life?”; and “Where are you trying to find it?”   Superchic[k] is featured throughout the evening, leading praise and worship in the beginning and at the end, and performing their full energetic set in the middle of the event.   Previous to the youth events, McDowell and his team come in to the city and host Parent and Youth Leader meetings.
The goal of THE BOLD YOUTH TOUR  is for young people to be caught up in this unique, experiential event-of-a-lifetime as the drama unfolds around them, draws them in, and immerses them in a riveting, interactive, multi-sensory experience unlike anything they have ever attended. Through it all, they will be brought face-to-face with the BOLD TRUTH that Christ is the only true source of meaning in life – the One we are all searching for – and the only one with the power that “satisfies every need there is” (Acts 17:25, NLT).
In the midst of these events Superchic[k]is finishing up recording on their third studio project with inpop, which is currently scheduled to release spring 2005.
4/1 Birmingham, AL
4/2 Hattiesburg, MS
4/3 Tupelo, MS
4/4 Jackson, MS
4/24 Wichita, KS
4/25 West Plains, MO
4/27 Milwaukee, WI
4/28 Fargo, ND
4/29 Rapid City, SD


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