Blindside Movie Review

What happens when a homeless boy ends up living with a wealthy family? What happens when the same boy learns to play football? On November 20 these questions will be answered when Blindside, one of the great movies of this year, comes to theaters.
Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw play the wealthy white Christian parents who take in a black boy (Quinton Aaron) who has nowhere else to go. He’s the son of a crack addicted mom, and has fallen through the cracks of the foster system. He’s washing his clothes in a sink and carrying an extra shirt in a plastic bag. He doesn’t read well, but his heart is as big as he is.
Oh, and it’s based on a true story. Bring your Kleenex box.
Bullock is wonderful in this story. They characters are very believable and honest. And make sure you watch for the high school coach, played by Ray McKinnon – his facial expressions are priceless. Characters including Kathy Bates, as the tutor who teaches him he can learn, Jae Head, as the younger brother, and Lily Collins as the younger sister all help round out this heartwarming story.
I even learned a little about football… The movie is rated pg-13, mostly because it is very real… including the scenes involving the projects in Memphis. Enjoy!


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