Black Pastor Marc Little Says African Americans Should Stop Blaming Whites

Marc Little: African Americans Should Stop Blaming Whites; Black Pastor Who Prayed Over President Trump Says African Americans Who Want to Punish Whites for Racism Break the Greatest Commandment to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

In an opinion column at Townhall, Pastor Marc Little explained that the black community does not need whites to heal from the trauma in their homes and lives.

Marc Little: Stop Blaming Whites

Pastor Little, who is also an attorney and chairman of a non-profit think tank based in Washington, DC, said trauma from violent crime, abortion, “unbridled bad behavior from a lack of discipline in the home caused by the absence of men,” discrimination and fear of police cannot be reconciled by blaming it on racism from whites.

“We must do the ‘healing work’ within the black community and we must do it now. We don’t need whites to help us clean our dirty laundry,” Little said.

Little, who is black, compared the healing for blacks to marriage counseling. “I cannot endeavor to fix my marriage or help my wife heal if I have not worked on addressing my own stuff in the marriage,” he wrote. “Therefore, individual counseling always precedes couples counseling.”

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In early March, Pastor Little prayed over President Trump in the White House during a meeting with other black leaders. Little and the other leaders in attendance were ridiculed by Jimmy Kimmel and black celebrities on Saturday Night Live and CNN who described them as “White House negroes” and “Uncle Toms.”

Little believes this kind of vitriol is the fuel to the pain and undiagnosed trauma plaguing the African American community and is a powder keg waiting for a spark, such as when a white police officer murdered George Floyd, an unarmed black man.

“The black community needs a season of introspection and healing,” Little said. “Undiagnosed trauma needs to be diagnosed so that our healing takes place first and then reconciliation with other cultures may begin. In the absence of this approach, I humbly submit that race reconciliation efforts alone are merely an attempt to punish whites for racism which is just not consistent with the Greatest Commandment to love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt. 22:39)

Who Is Marc Little?

Marc T. Little is a Republican Strategist, attorney, pastor, and Chair of UrbanCure. Little, based in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA, appears regularly on national radio and cable television.

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  1. Good morning Pastor Little,

    I just heard you on Fox News and it was a wonderful report.
    Thank You for your reporting and hope for “Call on Corporate America to Support Our Police.”



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