Big Idea Marketing Campaign Reaches 100 Million

Big Idea launches a royal marketing campaign for the 25th VeggieTales release Duke and the Great Pie War, a delightful adventure featuring a lesson on loving your family based on the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi.  Bowing March 5 and 8 in the CBA and general markets respectively, the episode will receive an estimated 100 Million impressions through a combination of advertising, promotions, retail positioning, publicity, value-added incentives and grassroots marketing. 
Duke Synopsis
When the armies of Rhubarb go to battle against the Kingdom of Scone, the Great Pie War breaks out and things get really messy!  Sweet Petunia, a charming young rhubarb and newest VeggieTales character, is forced to flee her homeland to protect her mother-in-law, Nona (Madame Blueberry).  When the Duke (Larry the Cucumber), learns of the Princess’s plight, he risks his life to help her and learns that true love means thinking of others first. 
Filled with “serf songs,” the French Peas as the Three Dog Knights, the Hurling Catapults of Slime and loads of silliness, Duke and the Great Pie War also includes the hilarious silly song “Larry Sings the Blues” with special guest, Blind Lemon Lincoln, as well as “Baby Sitter in De-Nile,” the charming story of Miriam and Moses. 
Marketing To 100 Million
Big Idea and 1,500 AppleBee’s restaurants join forces for an extensive, three-month kid’s meal promotion beginning in March.  The restaurant chain will feature a Duke and the Great Pie War-themed kid’s cup, table tent and an eight-page menu booklet that includes a 2.00 off instant redeemable coupon.  AppleBee’s team members will also wear Duke themed stickers.  Chuck E. Cheese also joins in the fun, featuring Duke’s silly song, “Larry Sings the Blues,” on their in-store video loop in 500 stores beginning in January and running through June.  In the grocery market, Tyson Chicken Nuggets will feature a cross-promotional $3 mail-in rebate for the purchase of Duke and the Great Pie War and two Tyson Food’s VeggieTales Fun Nuggets.
At retail, nearly 800 CBA stores, representing 62% of the market, will pre-sale Duke and the Great Pie War for four to six weeks before it releases.  Each major CBA retail group has a unique, value-added, free-with-pre-purchase premium to create excitement around the release.  Covenant and Mardel stores  (100 locations) offer the “Larry Sings the Blues” Antenna Topper premium Jan 8.  Family Christian Stores (320 locations) will feature the “King, Queen & a Very Blue Berry” CD as its premium beginning Jan 10.  On Feb. 1, Parable, Berean and other independent stores  (245-plus locations) offer a Princess and Duke Glow in the Dark posters premium, while LifeWay (115 locations) offers the Bob & Larry Night Light premium. These stores, as well as Lemstone and Munce stores, are also offering a combination of significant catalog and display placements. Coming soon posters and premium-specific presale standees are available to support the offer various offers.
Following the recent exclusive call for CBA retailers to host a Duke and the Great Pie War VeggieTales Spectacular Premiere, more than 140 premieres have already been scheduled with additional retailers signing up daily.  With a total of 200 events projected, 200,000 people are forecasted to attend these premieres.  
Along with the premieres, 1600-plus Family Fun Nights! are being planned beginning in February and an estimated 160,000 additional people are expected to attend.  Family Fun Nights! are Veggie-themed, church-based events that allow communities at large to gather for an evening of fun-filled activities.  Participating churches will premiere Duke and the Great Pie War and play games and activities based around the show.  Attendees will receive a $2.00 off coupon for Duke.  Family Fun Nights! will further be promoted at the three upcoming Children’s Pastor’s Conferences in early 2005 and in the March issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine. 
On the grassroots level, Big Idea’s 1300-plus Ambassadors will promote Duke and the Great Pie War in their local communities, schools, daycares and churches.  Duke-themed educational materials will also be provided to 10,000 Christian schools that will teach the “loving your family” lesson to approximately 1.6 million children.  Coupons for $2.00 off will be provided to each participating student.  The younger children at 5,000 Christian daycares will be serviced a Duke promotional package, including a copy of the episode, coloring sheets, stickers and $2.00 off coupons for the parents.  The VeggieTales Duke and the Great Pie War mini magazine will also be distributed to one million-plus consumers.
The print advertising campaign will garner up to 50 million impressions, including ads in Family Fun, Parenting, Nick Jr. Family Fun and other key publications. A 700-plus radio campaign begins March 1 and is expected to reach millions more though networks such as Radio Disney, The Fish, K-LOVE Radio, WAY FM Christian Hit Radio, His Radio and American Family Radio.  The Internet awareness campaign includes visibility on Google and Yahoo! Search engines, email blasts to Big Idea’s database, banner ads on targeted consumer websites and a “New Girl in Town” themed fan interaction initiative focusing on the new Veggie character, Petunia. 
About Big Idea, Inc.
Big Idea Inc., a subsidiary of Classic Media LLC, is committed to providing entertaining stories that help parents teach children important life lessons in a delightfully wacky way.  Big Idea is best known for its award-winning VeggieTales animated series, which has sold nearly 40 million videos and over five million albums of chart-topping audio since 1993.  In addition to extending the property into licensing, publishing and live entertainment arenas, the company released its first-ever feature film, Jonah – A VeggieTales Movie, in 2002 grossing over $25 million at the domestic box office.  Big Idea is recognized as the leading producer and creator of values-based product reflecting a Judeo-Christian worldview in the family entertainment industry.  For more information on Big Idea, visit
VeggieTales:  Duke and the Great Pie War
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