Biblical Manhood in a Woke Culture

~ Can biblical manhood survive in a woke culture? ~

In a recent study from Communio, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) were linked to the absence of fathers in homes. According to the study, the more ACEs a child experiences, the greater the likelihood that child will live in poverty, suffer depression, commit a violent crime, or otherwise struggle in adulthood. A child who experiences married fatherhood throughout his childhood will, on average, experience far fewer ACEs than one who does not.

Additionally, the study found that 77 percent of all church-attending men ages 18-29 grew up in a continuously married home through age 18. 

Author Dr. Jim Grassi has spent over four decades working in men’s ministry and in his latest book, “The Watchman: A Clarion Call for Men to Stand in the Gap,” Dr. Grassi pulls no punches on how the current culture is affecting manhood.

Biblical Manhood in a Woke Culture

“Our culture is doing everything it can to sissify, belittle, and silence men,” says Grassi. “Added to that are the normal, everyday issues men face of feeding and housing their families in a rocky economy. But too many men respond poorly to these threats and begin to abandon their families emotionally and physically. For society to function properly, each gender must fulfill his and her roles and responsibilities as God intended. I believe that we can summarize all male characteristics and roles with two primary responsibilities: protector and provider. We see these two male responsibilities in Scripture, and whether we acknowledge it or not, they are innate.”

Dr. Grassi says the concept of a “watchman” goes back to the book of Ezekiel.“Ezekiel was to warn the people of Israel about their sin and its consequences,” says Grassi. “The Lord’s desire was for them to repent, turn to Him, and put their faith in Him. In a similar way, the Lord has called us men as watchmen. He has tasked us with making disciples of all nations. As men who know and follow Jesus, we have a responsibility and calling to represent Christ well to those around us. We are to warn them of the consequences of their sins and God’s judgment to come. But this holy calling to be a watchman and to make disciples must begin in our homes. Perhaps this is where we as men have failed the most. Until we are guarding our families from evil and leading them closer to the Lord through our words and examples, then we have no business telling strangers how Jesus Christ can change their lives.”

“About the same time that Ezekiel prophesied, Nehemiah had returned to Jerusalem to oversee the rebuilding of the city wall. But because of opposition from their enemies, Nehemiah put all the men on alert. In Nehemiah 4, it is clear that the watchman’s duty was one of vigilance, looking to defend the city, but it was by no means passive. These men were not only standing in the gap, but they were closing the gaps in the wall to prevent future enemy attacks. They held their weapons in one hand and their tools in the other. This serves as a great image for us as well.”

Dr. Grassi says the concept of “standing in the gap” is by no means a passive one.

Dr. Grassi founded Men’s Ministry Catalyst in 1981 which partners with church leaders, businessmen, professional athletes, and denominations in discovering and implementing a relational discipleship process for men. Dr. Grassi understands the importance of the church in molding and shaping men for this and the next generation. “We utilize a seven-step dynamic action process to guide churches through the stages of how to launch or re-launch and grow ministries to men,” says Grassi. “This process is proven to eliminate many of the failure points churches tend to make when developing their ministry to men. There are too many men standing and watching as Satan perverts our families with mixed messages and confusion about gender, roles, duty, and a host of other devious issues. Men need to root themselves back into the biblical values that create a stable culture. God is calling us to love our wives sacrificially and to honor, respect, and protect women in general. God is calling us to father and mentor our children by living under the same roof, treat them gently, leading them and modeling for them what it means to follow Jesus.” 

Who Is Dr. Jim Grassi?

About Dr. Jim Grassi:
Dr. James (Jim) Grassi is the Founder and President of Men’s Ministry Catalyst and Let’s Go Fishing Productions Foundation. As an award-winning author, former business leader, public administrator, college professor, and outdoor sport personality, he has been on the frontlines of ministry to men since 1981. He was given the Ministry of the Year award by the National Coalition of Ministries to Men and garnered the Faith and Freedom award from the Religious Heritage of America Foundation. Two of his 21 books received the Silver Angel Award and one of his books received the coveted Hallmark branding. Dr. Grassi has served in the capacity of chaplain for two NFL teams (Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49er’s) as well as the Post Falls Idaho Police Department and Kootentai County Fire and Rescue. He was inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, is a member of the Safari Club, and is a Record Book Big Game Archer. Dr. Grassi was born and reared in the San Francisco Bay Area and received his B.S. in Recreation/Park Administration, an M.P.A. from California State University-Hayward, and a Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Evangelical Seminary. He and his wife, Louise, make their home in Post Falls, Idaho. They have two grown sons in full-time ministry, Dan and Tom. For more information visit

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