Bible School Forced to Move in Bangladesh

This past July, Grace Presbyterian Bible College was forced by Islamic terrorists to move out of Khulna, Bangladesh. The small school of 33 students is currently headquartered in South Sayabithi, about 15 miles north of Dhaka.

Peter Khaleque, the school’s principal told Christian Freedom International, “We had to move our Bible school out of Khulna because it was so dangerous. The fanatics beat our Bible school students they tried to kill them. There are so many fanatics in Khulna now.”
“The fanatic groups attacked our school three times, two times this year, one time last year,” said Kaleque. “We have 33 students at the Bible school. They tried to kidnap the girls and kill the men.”
But in their new location outside Dhaka, the nation’s capital, the school has received new threats.
“Here outside South Sayabithi we are now facing problems,” Kaleque told Christian Freedom International. “We have to be quiet. The Muslim society in the area says if we sing too loudly they will cut off our hand. If we pray too loud they will cut off our hand. Neighboring Muslims from the local Mosque made this threat.”
However, in spite of the persecution, the school is moving ahead. “We are afraid, but we work for the Lord, even if we are scared, said Kaleque. “We have our classes even though they threaten us.”
Christian Freedom International urges Bangladesh to protect the rights of religious minorities in Bangladesh.
According to Christian Freedom International president Jim Jacobson, “The persecution of Christians, especially those who convert to Christianity in Bangladesh, is getting worse. The growing persecution of Christians in Bangladesh is alarming and should be a matter of major concern for every freedom loving person.”
Christian Freedom International also urges the U.S. government and the U.N. to use their incredible influence on Bangladesh to stop the growing persecution of religious minorities, especially Christians.
Christian Freedom International (CFI) is an interdenominational human rights organization for religious liberty. Mr. Jacobson is a former White House policy analyst. For more information or interviews, contact Christian Freedom International at 540-636-8907 or visit online at


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