Beth’s Beat: Acappella

On a rainy Friday night, one of CCM’s faithful groups was in town – Acappella. These men where here to entertain and benefit Nashville based Mercy Ministries. They ended up waiting about 30 minutes for people to come because of the rain.

Entertaining they are! There is a relationship among these guys that is deep and evident. They seem to get along very well, and blend better then my GE does in high gear.
Opening group Kenosis travels with them as roadies and opening act. This group is four young guys interning for the Acappella Company and working on their vocal ability. They lead the worship, which was cut short since the concert started late.
After their first couple of songs, group “elder” and spokesman Gary Moyers told the crowd, “By now you know why we are called Acappella.” He went on to explain their use of back-up vocals via tape, “Since some of our songs call for more than four voices, and their are only four of us… Just wanted you to know up front.”
Moyers, tenor with the group since 1988, and the guys performed a cornucopia of styles and songs from their roster. Note worthy songs, “Teaching the Truth in Love” (Gary introduced this song by talking about the things Jesus did in his ministry “A man saw… for the first time in his life. A man walked… for the first time in his life. A man raised from the dead… for the first… time… in his life.”); “My Lord, My God” and their version of “Shut De Do.”
The group also consists of Barry Wilson, lead singer since 1998, Ken McAlpin, bass with the company since 1996, and one of the founding members of Kenosis. (Gary appoligized to those sitting in front of Ken for their sitting in the “spit section.”) The final Acappella member is Kevin Schaffer, the group comedian (ask him to do some of his impressions for you – you’ll love it), √¨supper high tenor, leads and “vocal trumpet” since 1993.
Acappella is keeping up with a full schedule, including more dates in the Southeast including Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky. See the Christian Activities calendar pages 12-14 for more information.
Mercy Ministries of America
Working with troubled youth since 1973, Nancy Alcorn, president and founder of Mercy Ministries of America, feels she has gained insight into the reasons social problems exist.
“God never intended for us to abuse our bodies with drugs, alcohol, illicit sex and extra pounds that destroy our health. Yet the problems resulting from these abuses continue to increase.”
Since the ministry was founded in 1983, hundreds of unwed mothers and troubled young women have come and found unconditional love that brings hope, restoration and healing to the spirit, soul and body. At present, two homes are located in Monroe, LA, and in Nashville, TN.


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