Belmont Church Singles

This Friday, Feb. 9 @ 6:30pm in the Corner Room: Potluck Supper!!!
Always a great time, do not miss it… This week we’ll be joined by some
folks from Christ Community Church. I am really looking forward to that…
Food: Last name A-J: Main dish, K-R: Dessert, S-Z Side dish. We’ll supply
all the rest. Meal, talk, fun, a little wrap-up, as usual….
Sat. Feb 10: Movie outing @ Opry Mills Regal 20 Cinema ticket booth @
2:45pm for a 3:15 show to see “Left Behind.” This is NOT an “official”
Belmont Church event since not every Christian agrees with the theology
driving this movie but it is one way of interpreting the End Times passages
and is apparently a well-made film, reflecting certain Christian themes
Dining out to follow. Contact: Jim Harwell @ 460-9039 for more details.
Sun. Feb 11 @ 6:30 in the Worship Center: Dr. Phillip Johnson: “What You
Need to Know about Creation and Evolution.” We are sponsoring this event
with Christ Presbyterian and St. Bartholomew’s Churches as well as
InterVarsity at Vanderbilt. Johnson is a Christian and a nationally known
author and law professor and a fascinating speaker on the weaknesses found
in naturalistic Darwinian evolutionary theory. NOT for eggheads only, this
is designed for any thinking person who wants to develop more of a
consistent Christian world view and be able to discuss issues intelligently
in the “marketplace of ideas” which is our world today. (I am forwarding an
email to the entire list later this week re this event.) Invite your
friends! No worship time, no admission charge, no offering.
Please send up a
prayer for Derek Pearson, the boy critically injured in that car crash
Sunday morning. Many of you know his family; Ben and Elaine and other kids
Aaron and Carina. Derek is my son Drew’s best friend and is improving but
still not out of danger. Pray for TOTAL healing, please!!
Because of Jesus,
Rob Frazier, Pastor to C/YA/S @ Belmont Church, Nashville


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