Becoming Real

Who needs to compete with a reality show?  Christians are often the best masters of disguise, when in actuality they should be the ones demonstrating the highest authenticity. According to author and storyteller Steven James, even the most devoted Christians have a whole set of identities that they slip on and off for different occasions. In his new Howard Publishing book, Becoming Real, James leaves no stones unturned as he boldly tells it like it is. We don’t need to be on camera to show others how to be real. James encourages us to be real before God, to be honest and shows us how to discover a revolutionary way of living.
Comparing being real to diving, James states that it’s never safe to dive in deep… But there are treasures for those who are willing to dive in. To go deep. To risk the sharks. To submerse themselves in life.
“One of the things that gets in the way of us being real is our pride,” James says. “Becoming a Christian is dangerous to our pride, to our ego, to our self. Because in order to help us, Jesus must first slay us. Not our bodies but our pride.”
James also points out another thing that gets in the way: the comparison game. Starting in elementary school, the comparison game continues throughout life. “The only way to win the game is to stop playing it,” James says. “We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and trying to measure up to them. Instead we need to compare ourselves to God and how we measure up to Him.”
Another lesson James teaches on becoming real is that of death. In order to be real we must believe that we are real-that death is inevitable.  No one escapes it alive. “Most of us die in the midst of pretending we’ll never die,” James says. “Until we come to grips with our own mortality, we’ll never make choices that reflect the reality of life, see things in their proper perspective, or value each day as the nonrefundable gift it is.”
Divided into sections on Embarking, Awakening, and Emerging, Becoming Real will bring you face to face with the lack of authenticity in your life and will lead you to a life of honesty and sincerity with no hidden agendas or ulterior motives.
Author Steven James, known as one of the nation’s most innovative storytellers, has authored twelve books and has spoken more than one thousand times across North America in the past five years. When Steven completed his master’s degree in storytelling in 1997, there were fewer than one hundred people in the world with this degree. Through his writing and speaking, he has creatively communicated a message of hope and humor to more than 500,000 people over the last decade.
Becoming Real
Howard Publishing Co.
Release date: March, 2005
ISBN: 1-58229-429-1


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