Becky Nordquist on Billy Graham Association Podcast

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Influential Podcast, ‘GPS: God. People. Stories,’ Features Recording Artist & Author Becky Nordquist

Becky Nordquist is being featured on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association podcast GPS: God. People. Stories. During the podcast, the recording artist, author, speaker, and worship leader acknowledges that life is not always easy, and being a Christian doesn’t guarantee a pain-free existence. But, Nordquist says, “We can walk forward in confidence, knowing the Almighty God is already on the other side of our crisis, regardless if that crisis is a pandemic or you just had the rug of your life ripped out from underneath you.” 

Nordquist speaks from experience. Abused by church members, abandoned by her husband, and devastated by pregnancy loss and a stillborn baby, Nordquist could have let her suffering define her life and destroy her faith. Instead, she discovered a deep intimacy with Jesus that carried her through her trials. 

“He is still in the business of healing lives and saving souls,” Nordquist says in the interview. “He redeems what seems to be completely unredeemable. It is my prayer for you today that you will chose to run to the arms of a loving, trustworthy Father.”    

Since the October 15, 2019, release of Before We Said Hello, Nordquist has found herself in demand as a guest including interviews and performances on multiple television and radio broadcasts, print, and online media outlets.    

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About Before We Said Hello:
Becky Nordquist’s poignant and compassionate new project, Before We Said Hello, released from Music for the Soul on October 15, 2019, to coincide with National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, includes, but is not limited to, miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS or the death of a newborn. The combination project includes two songs, “Before We Said Hello” and “Heaven’s Playground,” along with a companion devotional book. 

When it came time to produce a project addressing infant loss, Becky Nordquist was the perfect artist. She knows a thing or two about broken-heartedness, having experienced multiple losses early in her life, including the death of her father when she was a young woman, divorce and the demands of single motherhood, as well as multiple experiences with miscarriage and infant loss. 
“I never thought I would remarry again, let alone have more children,” she muses. “But God had a different plan! I met and married my second husband, Dave. My youngest child was 14 and I was a long way from sleepless nights and diapers when we discovered we were pregnant.”

But three months into the pregnancy, a routine OB/GYN viit revealed their baby had died in the womb. “We were crushed and in shock,” Nordquist confesses. “I had never lost a pregnancy, and we felt so alone. We were encouraged to try again and soon we were blessed with our rainbow baby, Isabella Grace. We decided to try for a second baby so Grace wouldn’t grow up alone, but we suffered two more consecutive pregnancy losses before conceiving our baby Niklas. Everything looked great. But on January 8, 2014, Niklas David was stillborn, but still born.”

“Miscarriage often involves an invisible grief,” Nordquist declares. “The world moves forward while you feel you’re frozen in time. It is crucial to take the time to grieve. Jesus modeled this for us at the death of his friend Lazarus. He stopped. He sat. He wept. What is invisible to the world is very visible to Him.”

A providential introduction to Dove Award-winning songwriter Steve Siler led to an offer to record a song for his Music for the Soul community of professional musicians, therapists, pastors and ministry leaders committed to offering life-giving resources to those whose hearts are hungry for understanding, self-worth, wholeness, and peace. The result was the touching and encouraging song, “Before We Said Hello,” written by Siler. Becky and Siler then joined with Dove Award winner Tony Wood to pen the evocative “Heaven’s Playground.”

Recognizing the need for an additional resource to help those who have suffered such a loss, Nordquist has also written a new devotional book. “The Before We Said Hello devotional book includes short passages, space for journaling, scripture, encouragement and real life stories from those who are walking this same road,” she notes.

“People often don’t know how to comfort friends or family members who are going through the loss of an infant or pregnancy,” says Nordquist. “Some people think if you never saw your baby, there is no need to talk about your loss. You might not even feel you have the right to grieve. I’m here to assure you–your baby’s life matters. And you are not alone.”

About Becky Nordquist:
Becky Nordquist is a West Michigan-based singer-songwriter, worship leader, recording artist, author and speaker. Her message is hope in Christ. With her music, a blend of pop, gospel, and folk, she brings an eclectic feel to worship and Christian Contemporary music.

Nordquist’s mission is to bring the mercy, grace, and love of God to those who are broken, wandering and wondering where God is in the midst of their suffering, as well as to lead His people into deep, honest devotion.
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