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The trio of sisters, Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow have come a long way in a short amount of time. It all started in 2004 with their self-titled debut release followed up in 2005 with Another Journal Entry, and now their third and latest release on the Fervent Record label, How Can We Be Silent.
How Can We Be Silent is filled with songs that talk about the need to rise up and be willing to take a stand for your faith.
“Night after night fans pour out their hearts and we realize more than ever the hurt, abandonment, guilt, pain and disillusionment this generation is experiencing,” says Lauren. “We’re standing up. We’re not afraid to fight for what we believe in, and we’re not going to back down. This is who we are. God has put so much in us; we can’t shut up about it. How can we be silent when we have so much truth to heal a wounded spirit?”
The release starts off with the first several tracks being more pop and melodic in tone, then about half way through How Can We Be Silent the young ladies let it rip with some more rocking tracks that are filled with punching electric guitar parts and punishing drum beats.
This album really flows with passion. BarlowGirl is sounding the wake up call for people of their generation to stand up and be bold in their faith.
“There’s so much power in knowing that you are fighting for God. I hope that people get a new taste of what Christianity is. I hope the world gets to see a new way that Christians are living as passionate, powerful people. They aren’t just sitting back watching the world unravel; they are doing something about it. They are trusting and praying and they are warriors.” Rebecca explains.
Also the band wants to stop the thinking that their songs are just for girls. On track-9 of How Can We Be Silent you’ll find the hard driving rock song, “The Guy Song.” The band says that the song is a call to empower men and challenge them to stand guard against all of the bad things that this world targets at specifically at them.
Another interesting track found on the CD is number 7, “One More Round.” It uses a boxing analogy for our faith life. When getting knocked down we need to get right back up and continue the fight following the path that God has set for our life.

“One Million” is also a nice track with its rock anthem feel calling all Christians to stand up and be counted.
How Can We Be Silent ends with the piano ballad, “I Don’t Regret” that deals with not being ashamed of your faith.
The Barlow sisters know how to do it the right way when it comes to making good music and How Can We Be Silent is filled with more proof of that fact.

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