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On Oscar Night, February 22, 2009, Barbara Walters interviewed The Jonas Brothers for “The Barbara Walters Special” on ABC. What did Barbara’s interview reveal about America’s most popular singing siblings?
Walters started her interview calling the Jonas Brothers “real brothers who are the three biggest names to capture the hearts of adolescent girls this century.” Walters referred to the recent accomplishments of the Jonas Brothers: headlining the American Music Awards, singing for
outgoing President Bush as well as the incumbent first family, performing at the Grammy Awards with Stevie Wonder, and other honors.
Walters discussed how the Jonas Brothers got off to more than one false start as first Nick, and then the Jonas Brothers group, recorded albums that flopped. All three Jonas Brothers did commercials growing up. Then the Jonas Brothers found an audience on the internet, and their big break came when they appeared on the “Hannah Montana” show, followed by going on tour with Miley Cyrus. Today, as Barbara Walters said, “Team Jonas is living the dream.”
Lightly scratching the surface of the fact the Jonas Brothers grew up in a devoutly Christian home and come from a faith-based family which is now based in Dallas, TX, Barbara Walters did mention that Kevin Jonas, Sr. taught the Gospel and everyone in the Jonas family was in the church choir growing up. When Barbara Walters asked Mrs. Jonas how the family balanced faith with the life of rock stars, Mrs. Jonas replied, “Every gift the boys have came from the Lord.”
When Barbara Walters asked the Jonas Brothers what the silver band, which all three brothers wear as purity rings, represents, Joe Jonas responded that the purity ring means “We will treat ladies with respect and be gentlemen, and do our best to make our mom proud.” The brothers pointed out that they are family based and go home to the tour bus with their mother every night. These Jonas boys really are clean, wholesome role models for teens and tweens.
Barbara Walters asked the Jonas Brothers to describe each other. Kevin Jonas, who at age 21 is the oldest of the Jonas Brothers and the extrovert of the family, described his brother Joe Jonas as, “A great front man… he really stands out and has a Mick Jagger-esque feeling.” Joe Jonas was romantically linked to Talyor Swift recently and replied to Barbara Walters’ questions about the relationship by saying succinctly, “We’re friends.”
Joe Jonas, who seems to be the primary heartthrob of the group, said his brother Nick Jonas is the leader and “president of the group” and pointed to his younger brother’s wisdom. According to Barbara Walters, the drive and raw talent of the Jonas Brothers “rested in baby Nick’s soul.” Nick Jonas was the first of the brothers to do a record, and the first to see it flop. Three years ago Nick Jonas experienced a terrible drop in weight and in 2005 was diagnosed with Type II DIabetes. Nick lost 15 pounds in only two weeks. Inspired by the traumatic experience, Nick wrote the song “A Little Bit Longer” while in Canada. Today Nick Jonas wears a pump that puts insulin into his body daily. Nick must check his blood sugar 10 to 12 times a day by pricking his finger to check his levels. Nick was also linked for almost two years with Miley Cyrus at age 14 and describes his relationship with Miley today as “a good friendship.”
Nick Jonas who at age 16 is the musical prodigy of the group, called his oldest brother Kevin Jonas “Very enthusiastic and also a dreamer.”
Barbara Walters also mentioned the “Bonus Jonas,” youngest Jonas brother, Frankie, who was born in 2000 and who already has his own band.
In closing, Walters asked the Jonas Brothers if they ever thought about solo careers and what they thought the futures held as their fans grow up since teens bands don’t usually last. The brothers said that although they talk about solo projects, there’s no way they can ever just break up the group. Kevin Jonas stated that he thought the Jonas Brothers fans know the Brother really care about their fans and commented, “We hope our fans will grow with us and be with us forever. We’re all growing up together.”

If Barbara was hoping to uncover any dirt on the Jonas Brothers, she must have been sadly disappointed. While viewers may not have learned anything new from Barbara Walters interview with the Jonas Brothers, it was still nice to watch the wholesome threesome handle her questions with grace, honesty, and courtesy.
The Jonas Brothers’ new 3-d concert experience movie opens Friday, February 27. They will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday night, February 24.
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