Backstage at the Dove Awards

“I’m such a dork.”
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns, accepting the award for Song of the Year for “Who Am I”, and choking up when he thanks his band
“More than this award, the trophy we have to strive for is the crown of life.”
Nicole C. Mullen, accepting the award for Urban Album of the Year for Everyday People
“Before you can really know how much God loves you, you have to realize how small you are.”
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns
“A teenager will do just about whatever it takes to have someone sit down with them at lunch.”
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns, talking about how his job as a youth pastor is much more important to him than success as a band
“If you’re going to be a bridge between different cultures you have to expect to be walked on.”
Nicole C. Mullen, female vocalist of the year and winner of a Dove for Urban Album of the Year
“I think mine just went plastic.”
Todd Smith of Selah, winner of Inspirational Album of the Year, when asked about sales of the bandmember’s solo albums
“You can’t be a celebrity and a pastor.”
Donnie McClurken, talking about his retirement from music
“If people are going to know my name, I hope it’s because I did something great for God.”
Chris Tomlin, winner Praise and Worship Album of the Year for Arriving
“We need more Christian rock stations. Can I get a witness?”
John Cooper, Skillet, talking about the rise in Christian rock and the lack of rock radio stations
“I can tell I’m at the Dove Awards. You’re so nice. They yell at you at the Grammy’s.”
Stephen Curtis Chapman, posing for media photos
“When I wake up in the morning, I’m going to play with my kids. I doubt they’ll care much about these.”
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns, talking about his Dove awards for Songwriter of the Year; Song of the Year; and Group of the Year
“For me, the song is new every time. I don’t get tired of the songs, because the people are different every time.”
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns
“I’m nervous!”
Darlene Zschech, posing for photos in the press room
“We need examples of Christian women who show you can have fun and not live in sin.”
Kierra Kiki Sheard, winner for Urban Song of the Year
“These things aren’t going to mean a hill of beans in five years, but how good a dad I am will.”
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns, talking about his Dove awards for Songwriter of the Year; Song of the Year; and Group of the Year
“Completely taking over multimedia for Jesus Christ.”
Flamboyant Prince-like artist Tonex, nominated for Urban Album of the Year, talking about what he’ll be doing over the next five years
“It’s nice to be recognized for a project as a whole instead of just a song.”
Bart Millard, MercyMe, winner Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year
“When I see all my fans at a show, I just want to hug them, because they’re such an encouragement.”
Jeremy Camp, winner Rock Song of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year
“If you want to be light, you have to see light.”
Matt Redman, winner Worship Song of the Year, talking about the importance of getting into fellowship with God
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