Award-winning Singer/Songwriter Chris Rice to Perform at Bluefield College

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Singer/songwriter Chris Rice is amused by the world around him — not a
laugh-out-loud amused, but more like an inward smile of inspiration that
results in the creation of entertaining stories of people and their
hope-filled dreams.

These musings, the award-winning contemporary Christian musician will
share during a concert on the campus of Bluefield College, Thursday, August
31, as part of his tour to promote his latest CD, “Amusing.”

The Chris Rice event is open to the public and will begin at 8 p.m. in
Bluefield College’s Harman Chapel and Performing Arts Center. BC faculty,
staff and students will be admitted for free with advance tickets, but
tickets for the general public will be $10 in advance and $15 at the door.
Discounts will be offered to church youth groups of 10 or more.

Over the past decade, Rice has become one of the most well-known and
influential artists in contemporary Christian music today. His career as a
singer/songwriter has included the sale of more than a million and a half
records, several number one singles, numerous Dove Award nominations, and a
Dove Award for Male Vocalist of the Year. That vast success he will bring to
Bluefield College on August 31.

Rice’s songwriting career began in the mid-1980s, a full decade before
he became American Songwriter magazine’s 1995 Christian Songwriter of the
Year. He took piano lessons when he was an adolescent and went on to use his
musical talents in college at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. What
began as him leading college worship services and retreats soon turned into
a full-time career that eventually began to change people with a challenge
to grow closer to God.

“In one sense, they’re just songs,” Rice said about his influential
music, “but on the other hand, a song can trigger a thought that might lead
to a change. That’s not unique to music, though. We all have that potential
with our lives and our work.”

Performing on the campus of Bluefield College to promote his most
recent influential collection of songs, “Amusing,” Rice said he will offer a
message of hope and love for all who attend the concert

“My hope is that this music will not only reach and encourage people
who already believe in what I do, but also deliberately reach out with my
music and life to people across a much broader spectrum,” Rice said about
the music on this latest CD project. “This is a record full of optimism,
hope and love for life, a message for everybody.”

“Amusing” features, among other titles, the hit single “When Did You
Fall,” a romantic-comedy kind of love song, “The Final Move,” a clear and
beautiful declaration of hope for humanity, and “Tick-Tock,” a fun and rowdy
look at how we measure, waste, use, and get dragged through time.

Known for his unusual and sometimes quirky selection of words in songs,
Rice makes people laugh, yet think. He acknowledges very human struggles in
his work. He’s honest about our internal and external dilemma, and he also
points to potential and hope. This is where his faith unapologetically steps
in. He’s never preachy, but he does challenge listeners to think about God
and how we are created for connection to Him.

“That’s why I do music,” Rice said. “Songs have an amazing way of
stretching people in how they think. If I can get someone to consider a very
serious subject through a song, then I’m all about it. But, at the same
time, I want to make people laugh at a funny thought, too. The key for me is
to take my work seriously, but not to take my work too seriously.”

Rice’s concert at Bluefield College will begin at 8 p.m. in Harman
Chapel. For more information or for advance tickets, call 276-326-4256 or
276-326-4212 or visit the BC web site at
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