Australia Abolishes Free Speech

In Denmark a cartoonist depicted Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, and the followers of the peaceful religion of Islam have committed arson, murder, and have called for the abolition of free speech. Spineless cowards attempt to convince Europeans and Americans to sign away all their rights in an effort to appease these spoiled children. Many Europeans and Americans believe they will never lose their rights to freedom of speech; many Australians thought the same thing, but today it is considered a crime in Australia to speak against Islam.
The first person to be arrested under this law is Daniel Scot. Oddly enough, Daniel Scot had previously received amnesty in Australia after the Pakistani authorities charged him with blasphemy for speaking against Islam. The Australian law said that Daniel must pay fines and apologize; to that Mr. Scot responded that he would gladly apologize for anything he said which they could convince him was not true, but would never apologize for speaking the truth. He offered to debate the top Muslim scholars regarding any of the claims to which they objected, but the Muslim scholars declined. Currently his case is being appealed to a higher court.
Many people feel sorry for Professor Scot because he is on trial, but it is Australia who should be pitied. Daniel Scot has shown himself to be a man who is willing to speak the truth at any cost; people like this should not be pitied, but admired, and emulated. He has passed every trial he has faced with flying colors. In truth, it is Australia who is on trial, and it remains to be seen whether Australia will be sentenced unto Sharia or set at liberty.
Recently a group called “The Australian Underground” wrote a song entitled “Australia’s on Trial.” The song calls for Australians to stand up and fight, not only for Professor Scot’s freedom, but for their own lost liberties. The song is free to download at m/shop/song1.php
Australia is on Trial, by The Australian Underground

Hagi’s got his money and he’s willing to pay
To lobby to have all of our rights taken away
Corrupt politicians are easily bought
They’ll sell us out for pennies, without a second thought
The Patriots in anguish wonder how can all this be?
It used to be Australia was a place were men were free
That a good man would be tried for the truth of which he speaks,
Persecuted in the place where he fled to for relief.
Fools and complacent ones pay this all no heed
They say “that what he’s suffered, will not happen to me”
Perhaps they are too simple and they just don’t understand,
That we all lost the rights that they’ve stolen from this man
Australia’s on trial
What will the verdict be
Sentenced unto Sharia
Or set at liberty?
The followers of darkness have now washed up on our shores
They’ve captured our free speech and they long to capture more.
They want to set us backward to the seventh century
And enslave us to a mad man and force us to believe
In their pedophile prophet and his twisted sexist plan
To subjugate our women to have half the rights of man
Paralyzed by PC, we’ve been taught just to appease,
Will we fight off pacifism, or be brought down to our knees?
Do we have sufficient good men, who will fight for what is right?
Or has Nihilistic teaching, dimmed our moral sight?
Repeat Chorus
Rise up Oh men down under, Stand your ground and fight
There’s a dark cloud moving ‘cross the land, Be strong while there’s still light
Weak men will oppose you, But to pansies, pay no heed
Fight til our foes are vanquished, And all just men are free
Join and send a message to the ones who rule this land
We will not negotiate, We will make a demand
Give us back our freedoms or we’ll take them back from you
You’ve got no right to govern when your laws oppose the truth
We’ll stand with Daniel Scot, and fight for freedoms cause
We’d rather speak the truth than obey your unjust laws.
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