Ask a Teen to give up The Web for 30 Days?

Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian
publisher in the world, has just released Step Off: The Hardest 30 Days of your Life, written by Justin Lookadoo.
Justin was a Juvenile Probation officer in Smith County, Texas for 6 years.
His crime prevention program in Smith County Schools had amazing results.
The juvenile justice referral rate dropped 61% more than was projected by the
time he had left the position.
Since leaving Smith County in 2000, Justin has been a featured speaker
nationwide, teaching kids about Character and Values. “Teens want to make a
difference, they just don’t know how. I give them permission to dream and a
passion to follow through. Their success is my life.”
Justin’s first book, Extreme Encounters, was published in October of 2000 and
has already sold over 30,000 copies. “We expect great things from Justin
Lookadoo,” said the Associate Publisher of Extreme for Jesusâ„¢, Hayley Morgan.
“We really believe in him. We think that he will be the kind of author to
follow in the successful shoes of Texas author Max Lucado and Texas teen
sensation Josh McDowell. Kids go crazy for him and his books are
Step Off is the first book of its kind to speak to kids in every way, from
the straight up language to the interior pages (each page is a completely
different design and colors) the book is made for the channel-surfing,
net-surfing teen of today. See the book at, business to
business,, product page and
Included in the 30 days is a 21-day media fast, no TV, no computers no music,
and a day when they have to give away something they cherish. “It is
designed to teach the student how to live a spiritually disciplined life. A
life that is totally extreme for Jesus.”
“We’ve tested the product with great success. Youth pastors and teens can’t
wait to get their groups started on the book. We’ve even got a Christian
school in Nashville that’s using it as their Bible curriculum for the
upcoming school year,” said Acquisitions Editor, Kate Etue. As a part of the
hugely popular Extreme for Jesus line of teen books and Bibles, Step Off
will be featured in Extreme for Jesus displays in K-Mart, Target, Family
Christian Stores, Lifeway, Parable Christian stores and on-line book sellers.
Extreme for Jesus started two years ago with the hugely successful Extreme
Teen Bible. Since October of 1999 it has sold over 450,000 copies. To put
that in perspective, a typical Bible sells 30,000-40,000 copies in a year.
Extreme for Jesus is leading the industry in creating Christian teen books
and Bibles that speak right to teens. Unlike a lot of books that get bought
by parents and put under kids’ beds, Extreme for Jesusâ„¢ appeals to teen
tastes. “I don’t know when it was decided that God only came in black and
burgundy leather,” commented Morgan, “but with this line, we are speaking the
teenager’s language in design and content. Our colors in the “Extreme For
Jesus” line include stuff like Slimy Limey Green and Yellow Fusion, and the
language we use is totally funked out.”
Later this year Thomas Nelson will announce a revolutionary event taking
place in Dallas Texas. It is a day of revolution for teens that will push
them to be more committed in their spirituality and faith. Justin Lookadoo
will be a featured speaker at that event.
Lookadoo is currently working on a series of four small books on teen issues
and a dating book, scheduled for release in July 2002.


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