Artist Spotlight

October 25, 2000

Reports on some of your favorite artists including: SONICFLOOd, KIM BURRELL, RAZE, O.C. Supertones, Brother's Keeper, Gospel Gangstaz, Mary-Kathryn, Kurt Carr, Sycamore, All Star United

October 21, 2000

Is there a difference between forgiving and repenting? Peter asked Jesus how many times he was supposed to forgive someone. Jesus replied by saying seventy times seven.

October 17, 2000

Billingsly and Kathy Troccoli perform at "100.7 FM KLTY Brown Bag". Billingsly on on FamilyNet's "At Home: Live!"

October 14, 2000

When Carman Ministries tours, we follow rules to protect the integrity of those under my spiritual care. For instance, there are no drugs or drinking. We don't allow R-rated movies on the bus.

Carman from Wikimedia Commons by Candie N
October 7, 2000

It was in a high school creative writing class that the foundation was laid. There Michael Johnston and I, Smalltown Poets' principle lyricists, were challenged to create...

September 18, 2000

Together Jamie and Chris have been involved in christian music for most of their professional lives. In 1981 Chris joined the contemporary Christian band Bash-N-the Code where he continued until 1

September 15, 2000

It's a mystery to me how God guides our hearts and minds to make certain
decisions, but I believe he does.

January 4, 2000

The Georgia Mass Legacy Continues

January 3, 2000

An update on one of CCM's favorite bands.

January 1, 2000

Winter/Spring 2001 Offerings Tour slated to begin Feb. 16