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Ardent Groups Entertain at Pizza Gathering

ARDENT WORSHIP Ardent groups All Together Separate and Satellite Soul recently entertained industry guests including Dana Key and other luminaries at DaVinci’s Pizza on Hayes Street in Nashville. The bands were in town promoting their newly released Ardent Worship CD’s, ARDENT WORSHIP: ALL TOGETHER SEPARATE LIVE and ARDENT WORSHIP: SATELLITE SOUL LIVE). Skillet, who rounds out the trio of groups in the Ardent Worship series (with ARDENT WORSHIP: SKILLET LIVE), were otherwise occupied that day and unable to join us….

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Charles Billingsley to Perform at Brown Bag Event

Charles Billingsley to perform at “100.7 FM KLTY Brown Bag” lunch event sponsored by Burger King, Family Christian Stores and KLTY Pamplin Music recording artist Charles Billingsley is slated to perform at an upcoming “100.7 FM KLTY Brown Bag” lunch event sponsored by Burger King, Family Christian Stores and KLTY, the country’s top Christian radio station. Billingsley will feature selections from his latest recording, “Marks of the Mission,” during the October 24 event at the Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville,…

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Carman on the Appearance of Evil

When Carman Ministries tours, we follow rules to protect the integrity of those under my spiritual care. For instance, there are no drugs or drinking. We don’t allow R-rated movies on the bus. Even PG-13 movies have to be pre-approved. Our road rules help us maintain a ministry attitude. The scripture we base this on is 1 Thessalonians 5:22 that says abstain from all appearances of evil. To abstain in Greek means: to hold yourself off, keep yourself away, to…

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I was a Teenage Poet

It was in a high school creative writing class that the foundation was laid. There Michael Johnston and I, Smalltown Poets’ principle lyricists, were challenged to create candid and accessible poetry. Now, after taking several years to hone our crafts (both poetic and musical), we’re ready to share our Smalltown Poetry with the world. Our goal now, as in high school, is to communicate through writings that are honest, creative, and clear. “Good writing is honest writing.” With this conviction,…

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Jamie & Chris Kearney:The Color of Light

Jamie & Chris Kearney:The Color of Light Jamie & Chris KearneyLatest Release: The Color of LightAudio: The PrivilegeAudio: Rest Your Heart In 1985, one of the hottest bands on the Christian Music Scene was Bash ‘n the Code. I remember the first time I saw them in concert at Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium: the high energy show, the great, tight music, the bright colors and and innovative choreography, and the sheer FUN of the performance. When I was offered the…

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The Georgia Mass Youth For Christ (YFC) debut album entitled “Higher” (Savoy 14845) produced by Rev. Milton Biggham and Troy Sneed has been nominated in the Best Gospel Choir or Chorus Album category for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards. Georgia Mass Youth For Christ’s (YFC) video “Psalm 34” and “Higher” featuring 300 energetic youths ranging from ages 8-18 has been viewed by millions on national video programming such as Bobby Jones Gospel on BET, The Word Satellite Network on Direct…

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Atlanta rock band Third Day is honored with its third consecutive Grammy nomination. The band’s fastest selling and critically acclaimed recording, Offerings – A Worship Album, has received a nod from the Recording Academy for Best Rock Gospel Album. The band has been nominated in the same category for its previous two recordings, Time and Conspiracy No. 5. Third Day’s latest nomination was read at a press conference for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards held this morning at the Loews…

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Jeni Varnadeau at Bellevue Station

Simple but profound faith in God, a life that reflects that, and music that celebrates it are the heart of Jeni Varnadeau’s second and latest album, No Hesitation. “The deeper you go spiritually, the less complex things become,” says Jeni. “I’ve been trying hard to simplify my life, and focus on the things that are really important. Faith in the Lord and absolute dependence on Him in everything we say and do has become a recurrent theme of my ministry….

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