Artist New Year’s Resolutions for 2007



Fernando Ortega – to practice piano more
Michelle Tumes – To honor the resolutions of past years i.e. stick to the calling of God and not worry about the outcome.
Bonafide (GRITS) – Consistency
Shannon Smith (The Imperials) – To spend more time with our families – not just with them, but truly engaged in their lives. (Making a little more money wouldn’t be a bad idea either!)
Bryan Duncan – To pay off my bills from Christmas
Janna Long – My New Year’s resolution is to lose my baby weight.
V3 – Disciple more people, eat healthier, and work on playing more instruments!
Jme Medina – Wow – let’s just reveal one of my many!..I plan to spend more quality time with my family and less time on the road! I just need to slow down this next year – only tour the weekends–very few holidays.
Lonnie Bos (Tracing Days) – I hope to be quicker to admit when I’m wrong this year.
LaShun Pace – To be healed from the hurts, disappointments, could have, should have, would have of 2006 and allow God to give me a new happy and complete life in 2007 and beyond.
Lucinda Moore – To be a much better person, to stop trying to hang on to relationships that are dead, to fast and pray more than I did in 2006 so that I can be even more anointed for the work that God has called me to do.
Caleb Rowden – I think my resolution will be having more discipline in my life–both physically and spiritually. Life on the road isn’t the best life to support good eating habits, so I am going to have to work a little harder to keep this chiseled physique… only joking there! Spiritually, I know I could do a better job of staying in the Word and having a consistent and meaningful prayer life. Those things are a very important part of staying grounded, so I am hoping I can make that happen.

Jontez – Everything that comes out of my mouth MUST be positive and should endorse life itself.
Gregory Paul Smith – To lose 20 lbs
Curt Collins – Try to be a better father and husband. To be a better listener. To work on a closer walk with Jesus.
Joanne Cash (sister of Johnny Cash) – To be more Christlike in everything that I do.
Peder Eide – My News Years Resolution for 2007 is to try and complete the last resolution I made which was to achieve its previous resolution – I have got a lot of work to do.
Kim Dexter – To get organized and to find more joy in the simple things.
Kenny & Amanda Smith: Kenny – To be a better witness.
Amanda – To enjoy each day with a positive outlook.
Manafest – To learn how to play the guitar
Mario Canido (The Red Letters Project) – READ, READ, READ!!!!! It’s the only way to educate yourself. It’s hard to think that we quit being educated when we leave school, we only educate ourselves in our “work” and “career”, and that’s usually very limited. I’m studying mythology and I’m going to learn another language, or two!
Spur58 – I would really like to read more books next year. I love to read, and I have several books on my desk that I’ve halfway read. But I’d love to be more consistent in reading and taking in more great writings.
Brian and Jenifer Johnson – To focus on the good things in life and to be more positive
People in a Box – To choose the right (non-band related) full time job as I pray and have faith for God to put me in the right place.

From our archives 12/30/06.
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