Art of Prayer – The Staff

The Principle
Staffs have been used in many countries and in many eras as an aid in both climbing steep terrain and walking on a level surface. Relevant to the Martial Arts, the study and application of a staff as a weapon is termed Bo-jutsu. Bo-jutsu trains a person to utilize the staff with such skill that they can defend themselves from a sword attack. A common characteristic of the application of Bo-jutsu is spinning a staff with such speed that the staff becomes blurred.
The length of the staff allows the holder to disarm a swordsman, while the holder can maintain a safe distance. Upon learning the techniques of the staff, if a person found themselves without a staff, then that person could employ common objects to perform the fighting task of a staff, such as a broom handle.
On the surface, the Christian may appear harmless, much as a broom handle. However, when a spiritual attack springs forth, the Christian comes to life, like a spinning staff, striking one attacker and then another, through their prayers and life.
A staff is both functional and a weapon, when needed. Likewise, a Christian’s prayers are both functional and a weapon, when needed.
In reference to function, a Christian’s prayers serves to unite them with God, making them stronger in their spiritual life . In reference to being a weapon, a Christian’s prayers can serve to dissuade multiple attackers. The faithful and responsive Christian prays not just for one person, but for multiple people. As these people are facing tests, trials, troubles, and sorrows, the prayers of the faithful Christian become transformed into the staff of God (Psalms 2:9).
No one can measure the power of God; it is without measure. No matter what the Christian may face in this life, there is the assurance that God’s staff will not only provide support, but will also defend the Christian from attacks (Psalms 23:4).
The Art
The shepherd will use his staff to rescue fallen sheep and to provide gentle nudging as to the direction the shepherd desires his sheep to take. The shepherd will also use his staff to discourage the advance of poisonous snakes. For the conscientious shepherd, his staff is a constant companion.

Prayer is the Christian’s staff. Through prayer, God reaches out to the Christian, much as a shepherd reaches out to his loved sheep. Through prayer, the Christian is able to ascertain God’s direction for their life. Through prayer, the Christian is able to address tests, trials, troubles, and sorrows that assume the shape of poisonous snakes, with God providing a means of defense.
As the practitioner of Bo-jutsu trains to wield the staff with not only strength, but also with confidence, the Christian must pray to strengthen their relationship with God, having the confidence that God is ever faithful to His children.


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