Arbor Day at Cheekwood

~ Cheekwood celebrates Arbor Day, 2024 ~

2024 Cheekwood Arbor Day Activities

Where better to celebrate Arbor Day than Cheekwood? The expansive grounds are full of trees of all types, shapes and sizes. That’s why the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens grounds were filled today with people appreciating the many trees in their accredited arboretum for Arbor Day today.

It was a beautiful day for the event with pleasant temperatures and a partly overcast sky. The first 500 visitors were able to take home their own sapling.

Featured artist, Charles Brindley, was on hand all day to demonstrate his tree drawings and to conduct a hands-on workshop illustrating trees.

Certified guide Sarah Champion informed guests how trees have provided inspiration for centuries, including the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing, while other guests engaged in playing tree trivia, exploring tree-inspired books and getting all tree-planting questions answered by Cheekwood experts.

Trolls Take Over Cheekwood

Trees weren’t the only thing on display at Cheekwood as a number of large trolls were making their presence known around the grounds, peeping between trees and among the flowers.

Cheekwood has many hiking trails, paved roads and paths that are worth exploring, full of trees, shrubs and flowers. Don’t wait for next Arbor Day. Plan a day at the botanical gardens soon.

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