‘Any Day’ Movie with Sean Bean, Kate Walsh, Eva Longoria

~ Any Day with Sean Bean, Kate Walsh, Eva Longoria, and Tom Arnold a movie for the whole family, teens and older ~

Any Day with Sean Bean

The 2015 film Any Day is suprisingly spiritual. Is it a Christian movie? No. Does it have Christian overtones throughout? Yes. And except for a couple of scenes with sexual connotations (maybe only one–I really can’t remember), it is refreshingly family-friendly fare from Hollywood.

At a party, Vian (Sean Bean), who has been drinking, is attacked by another man. Vian is a trained fighter and is able to overcome his assailant, but he beats the man to death as his sister (Kate Walsh) looks on in dismay.

Years later, after returning from prison and moving in with his reluctant sister and her adorable son (Nolan Gross), Vian undergoes a series of events while he is trying to reestablish his life which will define him and set the course for his future.

After getting acquainted with his nephew, reaquainted with his siter, starting a relationship with a new girlfriend (Eva Longoria) and finding a job in a pizza parlor with an understanding new boss (Tom Arnold), Vian faces challenges in all his relationships.

He doesn’t tell his new girlfriend about his past. He doesn’t want his new boss dating his sister. And he doesn’t realize how important his nephew is in his life.

All of these situations put stress on the relationships he is trying to build, and one loss after another brings him to his knees. The decisions he makes and the lessons he learns put him on a new course.

Any Day is a good look into the dynamics of truth, sacrifice, and responsibility involved in inter-personal relationships. It is a movie about loss, redemption and a higher power. The film is unrated, but I would call it a PG 13.

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