Andy Hunter - Life


Ginny McCabe
Aug 29, 2005

Andy Hunter's latest project, Life, is a six-song dance/techno EP that continues to bring listeners into the presence of God with a quality collection of upbeat, high-energy songs. The project comes highly anticipated by music fans of Hunter's 2002 Exodus project, which was a critically acclaimed dance record that catapulted Hunter into the upper echelons of mainstream dance music, as "Amazing" became a crossover hit, while tracks such as "Go" and "Wonders of You" garnered major placements in film and television, including The Matrix: Reloaded (trailer), The Italian Job, ABC's hit Alias, plus video games, including The Matrix and Black Hawk Down.

Produced and arranged by Hunter° and Tedd T. (Stacie Orrico, Delirious?, Rebecca St. James), Life offers Hunter's signature ambient sound, but it is supported this time by a liberal use of guitars, live stringed instruments and the addition of vocals. Listeners can also expect to hear guest vocalists Kate Westall and Neil Wilson on the project.

Tracks on the project include “Open My Eyes,” “Come On,” “Alive,” “Wonderful,” “Lifelight,” and “To Life, To Love.”

Life proves that DJ Andy Hunter° fits naturally into the surroundings of a local coffee house, just as much as he does as a leading DJ within the dance club scene or leading worship at his home church.

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If you are looking for a refreshing project of dance/techno songs, Life is a must-have. It is an appealing project that is well done.

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