And the Banner Yet Waves


Deartra D. Madkins-Boone
Jun 30, 2012

Staring at a flag, half-mast,

I pondered what it could mean.

All the beautiful colors,

Such an elegant scene.

Why does this banner yet wave,

Over this land of the free,

This home of the brave?

A loaded gun in hand.

One way to become a man.

The enemy he has killed,

For freedom to be revealed.

A friend or two he has lost,

What a tragic, tearful cost.

The night, it draws to a close.

Yet the fighting rages on.

They die, we cry, "Bye, bye."

We mourn for the ones long gone.

A declaration goes forth.

Independence and much more.

A battle fought worthwhile.

Those who died, we'll miss for sure.

Brothers, uncles, and fathers too.

Many died for me and you.


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